5 Garden Shopping Tips that Can Save You Money!

by Allen Quay

in Tips & Tricks


When visiting your local garden center, you’re likely to find a number of garden deals. With such a huge array of beautiful blooming plants and fun garden features, it can be tempting to buy one of everything. But experts say that’s not such a good idea.

Keep these money-saving garden shopping tips in mind:


1. Shop around. Compare the prices, quality, and selection of several retailers before buying your garden materials or landscape products. Check local nurseries, home improvement and garden centers, and read the latest reviews for the absolute best value.

2. Be prepared. Make a note of how much soil you will need, measurements for lumber, and other details that will ensure a productive shopping trip. Take a complete material and planting list with you that includes color, quantity, etc.

3. Bring Pictures. Taking pictures to the nursery with you is a wonderful idea. It’s a good idea to take several pictures; especially of specific areas you’re planning to renovate. This might include flower beds, planned seating areas and walkways.

4. Mind Your Budget. It can be easy to lose sight of your budget while shopping for your garden, so it’s important to take steps to prevent that. Carry a calculator and add up your garden purchase while shopping so you know where you’re at at all times.

5. Compare Plants While Shopping.  When choosing plants for your garden, it’s important to remove them from the shelves and place them side by side with the other plants you’re purchasing. This will give you a visual of how complementary the plants are to each other.

Garden shopping is an adventure, but it’s important to stay on task while visiting your favorite nursery or garden center. Another way to save money is to buy garden products online. We have a few good merchants on our site like Hayneedle and Amazon.com that offer great products at discounted prices. We also have a coupon section were we list discount coupons from reliable online merchants.

So happy shopping! 🙂


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