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by Allen Quay

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Abu Dhabi landscaping highlights the natural beauty of the Middle East, combining lush and vibrant vegetation with fun and relaxing outdoor features without causing unneeded stress on the area’s delicate environment.

From luxurious seaside villas to sprawling commercial developments, Abu Dhabi landscape design reflects careful planning, sustainable preparation, and unprecedented sophistication.

Eco-Friendly Abu Dhabi

Pristine beaches, sprawling gardens, and year round sunshine create a beautiful setting for outdoor living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) capital city. Protecting this tranquil, natural scenery is an essential part of Abu Dhabi policies.

Locally sourced materials and native vegetation play a key role in planning a sustainable landscape design.

Mass planting and a selection of drought tolerant flowers and trees are combined with effective irrigation systems to control the amount of water needed to maintain a vibrant outdoor space in the dry climate of the Middle East.

Abu Dhabi landscaping

Both commercial and residential landscaping projects throughout the area incorporate a number of eco-conscious features. Our professional Abu Dhabi landscape architects who specialize in green outdoor design can assist you in creating the ideal look for your home or development.


Functional Outdoor Space at Home

From luxurious villas by the sparkling Arabian Gulf to sprawling estates in the Abu Dhabi countryside, magnificent landscape designs are common throughout the residential areas of the UAE. Outdoor kitchens, complete with modern appliances and plenty of counter space, are extremely popular features in many homes.

Outdoor living and dining rooms often accompany these cooking areas to make backyard entertaining easy and comfortable. Custom swimming pools and spas are common here, offering a refreshing escape from the extreme summer temperatures in the Middle East. Private gardens, relaxing terraces, and recreational areas for sports and games are additional elements that may be included in your residential outdoor space.


Commercial Landscaping

As one of the world’s most modern cities, as well as one of the richest, construction is abundant in both residential and commercial sectors throughout Abu Dhabi. Vacation villas and planned communities continue to appear, especially along the sandy beaches and the many islands dotting the coastline.

Abu Dhabi landscaping

Business parks, opulent shopping areas, luxurious resorts, and renowned golf courses are also located in and around the city. The beauty and enjoyment of the various developments in Abu Dhabi are accentuated by remarkable landscaping, expansive gardens, and scenic parks.

Experienced Abu Dhabi landscaping professionals are typically contracted to design and install the outdoor space surrounding the magnificent infrastructure in Abu Dhabi.

Many of these projects encompass a blend of residential areas, tourist hotspots, and executive centers such as Yas Island, home to the proposed Ferrari Theme Park, and culturally rich Saadiyat Island.

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