We’re Accepting Guest Bloggers!

Do you know more about landscape design than the average person? Are you a freelance writer with a love for gardening? Do your friends depend on your reviews before shopping for outdoor accessories? We want to invite you to share your expertise as a landscape writer for Landscape Design Advisor.


We inviting landscape and garden bloggers to:

  • Submit original articles
  • Answer questions from our readers
  • Share product reviews
  • Offer gardening and design advice
  • And more!


The Benefits of Writing for LDA
There are many reasons to join the LDA team of landscape writers. You will have an assortment of opportunities to help others with your knowledge and experience, including the chance to respond to our readers’ questions as a contributing author. It is an excellent way to gain credibility within the landscape industry, as well as experience as a web writer. The title of ‘Landscape Author’ looks impressive on a resume!

Business owners can really benefit from becoming one of our writers. Each contributing author receives their own profile box at the end of the post, which includes your bio, photo and an SEO friendly link to your website. Every time you post an article, your details will be in front of thousands of potential clients. You’ll also be listed on the sidebar of every page with your photo, name and link to all your articles.

Who Can Be a Landscape Writer?
Of course, we will only accept original, high quality articles that provide our readers with the reliable information they deserve, but you don’t have to be a journalist or a professional writer to become a contributing contributing author for our website. This is a perfect opportunity for landscape and garden enthusiasts to share their expertise and build their credibility, and is just as rewarding for individuals who enjoy gardening as a hobby. If you know a little – or a lot – about landscape design, gardening, outdoor decorating, or similar topics, we invite you to share as a regular contributor on our website.

How to Get Started
Ready to give it a try? Share a landscaping tip, answer a question, or submit an article for consideration. Be sure to include your name and email address with your submission. You can also contact us to request a consideration as a landscape writer for LDA.