Landscape Design Advisor Advertising is an Effective and Affordable Way to Grow

Landscape Design Advisor advertising opportunities like our affordable banner ads are a cost-effective, convenient way to reach millions of targeted consumers around the world.

Landscape Design Advisor advertising

As one of the most comprehensive landscape design and gardening guides available online, Landscape Design Advisor advertising is a powerful marketing tool that can place your services in front of ready buyers at just the right moment in the comparison shopping process.


LDA Advertising Is Effortless and Effective

When today’s homeowners start a landscaping project, the first place they turn for ideas, advice, and inspiration is the Internet. The biggest mistake that business owners make in advertising is spending all of their resources on traditional, offline marketing techniques that have worked for them in the past.

In the past, consumers have browsed the aisles of the nearest home and garden shop for materials, thumbed through dozens of landscaping magazines to get ideas, and called contractors who were listed in their local Yellow Pages to get their project underway. In yesterday’s market, advertising in printed media was a surefire way to attract business.

Landscape Design Advisor advertising
Today, 58% of the population go online to research their purchases before they actually buy. And for most of those consumers, more than three-quarters of their total shopping time is spent online.

Not only are people shopping online, they’re searching for advice, they’re reading the news, they’re ordering dinner – many people are even watching television via the World Wide Web.

With the majority of homeowners spending as much time in front of their computer as they spend watching television, online advertising is the logical solution for businesses who want to reach more customers.

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Why Advertise with Landscape Design Advisor?

The average homeowner will spend about 20 hours researching and planning their outdoor space. At least 15 of those hours are spent online reading advice and reviews, browsing photos, and searching for ideas. During this time, they will come across products that will make their project easier, they’ll find must-have outdoor accessories, and most will make a decision on the materials and furnishings that will complete their design. They will search for contractors, compare services, and even gather quotes while they’re online.

Landscape Design Advisor advertising

Landscape Design Advisor advertising packages put your business in front of the right consumers at just the right time in the shopping process.

Each month, more than 100,000 visitors research their outdoor projects at Landscape Design Advisor. Several thousand of those are regular readers who rely on our website as a trusted source for gardening and landscape design information. But more than half of our visitors find us when they search for landscaping solutions in their favorite search engines.

Advertising with LDA provides your business with a highly visible platform to market your products or services to the consumers that need them. If your business sells pond supplies, your advertisement will be seen by individuals seeking advice on building or maintaining a pond. Do you design outdoor spas in Southern California? We see visitors from around the world – many searching for ideas and trends in their area. Take a look at our traffic statistics.


Landscape Design Advisor Advertising Opportunities and Rates

We are currently accepting applications for a limited number of advertising opportunities. Keep in mind, we want to uphold our good standings with our readers and remain a reliable and trusted source for landscape design advice. Only reputable companies that will have value for our readers will be featured on the Landscape Design Advisor website.

Our ad rates are based on:


  • The average traffic on the specified page
  • Value to the sponsor
  • The size and format of the advertisement



Each Landscape Design Advisor advertising package is personalized to offer the best solution for your business. Contact us and we will help you choose the advertising option that will reach the largest portion of your target audience.

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