Our Website Statistics

The statistics below indicate LDA’s position as a strong internet presence, it also shows the type of visitors who view our specialty landscape site.

As of 2012, more than 100,000 visitors each month come to the Landscape Design Advisor website through natural search or by mistake… seeking advice, garden design know-how and inspiration. Our priority is to help our visitors enjoy the benefits of quality landscape design excellence through the LDA website, a place where they can easily find the latest gardening advice and luxury outdoor living trends.

website statistics

Our dedication is supported by many years of experience in landscape design and a genuine love of fine gardening inspired by some of the world’s most creative gardens.

Traffic Stats

Between the periods of March through July 2010 we received over 63,000 unique visitors with over 140,000 page views and this trend continues to grow over the years.


Annual Growth

The graph below is based on a period of 3 years ending mid 2010. As you can see there is a clear growth trend in the amount of visitors and page views our site is receiving. This trend continues to grow stronger each year.

Alexa Score

Alexa is a tool to rate the popularity of a website. The lower the score the more popular the website. Our Alexa score puts us at the top ½ percent of all websites on the internet as seen in the tracker below.

Alexa Certified Traffic Ranking for http://www.landscape-design-advisor.com


The average visitors to our site are well educated, affluent professionals as seen in our website’s demographic chart below.

website statistics