Austin Landscaping Using Sustainable Ideas

by Allen Quay

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Austin landscaping is not ‘keeping weird’ when it comes to the diverse mix of styles and techniques as other types of landscaping in Texas, but the area is often an Eco-friendly trendsetter for outdoor living spaces in the near by cities of Dallas and Houston.

A progressive metropolitan area, the homes and residents of Austin, TX are as unique as the city’s natural features.

Austin landscape contractors must stay on the cutting edge of outdoor design to find new ways to meet the requirements of the natural environment, as well as the structures and individuals within it. Some of the most popular Austin landscaping trends are discussed below.

Native Plants and Trees

There are many benefits to using native Texas vegetation in your landscape design. These plants have adapted to the soil and climate to produce a flourishing outdoor space that requires very little maintenance.

illustration of a Texas Ash Tree with a leaf detail

Austin residents can choose from a tremendous selection of hardy shade trees, colorful wildflowers, and eye-catching ornamental plants that are indigenous to the area, including:

  • Texas Ash
  • Chinquapin Oaks
  • Mexican Plum Tree
  • Oleander
  • Cherry Laurel
  • Trumpet Creeper
  • Bluebonnets
  • Desert Willow

Drought Tolerant Gardens

Native plants, along with a few other varieties that thrive in Austin, create a minimal need for additional watering. Landscape designs that conserve water are even more popular due to the recent drought in the Austin area.

[pullquote]Xeriscaping is favored by many Austin landscape architects to create a beautiful outdoor space[/pullquote]Xeriscaping is favored by many Austin landscape architects to create a beautiful outdoor space that suits the tastes of the homeowner, while still drastically reducing water consumption Lush lawns of Bermuda or Zoysia grass are ideal, along with vibrant groupings of shrubs and flowers. Search Austin’s Grow Green plant list for inspiration or contact an Austin landscape designer to discuss your ideas.

Tree Friendly Landscaping

Residents in communities like Westview, Barton Creek, and Rob Roy typically have plenty of acreage to enhance their Austin landscape design with a variety of trees. Not only do large trees like live oaks and pecans provide a shady retreat on a hot summer day, the proper placement of these trees can protect your home from high winds and reduce heating costs. Evergreens like the Eastern red cedar offer year round beauty and make excellent barriers. Ornamental trees and shrubbery should have their place in your outdoor space as well.

Hardscape Design in Austin

backyard pool with raised spa and large square concrete paving for luxury Austin TX estateNot all Austin landscaping is lush lawns and flourishing flower gardens. Walkways, outdoor living rooms, and paved terraces are all integral parts of a Texas landscape design.

Some homeowners opt for expansive patios or an outdoor spa rather than grass yards, while others combine the two to create an outdoor space that is both functional and beautiful.

Vertical gardens and green walls are a sustainable option to bring life to a small outdoor space, like those surrounding many Tarrytown residences.

More Earth-Wise Landscaping Ideas

Whether your landscape design is naturalistic with vibrant vegetation or consists of luxurious outdoor living areas luxurious outdoor living areas and poolside patios, using eco-friendly materials is a chic way to accent a sustainable outdoor space.

[pullquote]…using eco-friendly materials is a chic way to accent a sustainable outdoor space.[/pullquote]Consider natural stone or re-purposed brick for walkways and terraces. Gravel, mulch, or recycled glass is an excellent choice for planting areas as well as footpaths. Sustainable outdoor furniture as seen in this [amazon_link id=”B004SOIBOQ” target=”_blank” ]patio dining table[/amazon_link] and [amazon_link id=”B004SO9GZE” target=”_blank” ]matching dining chairs[/amazon_link] are both made from reclaimed Dark Selunsar Wood from the Amazon River and is an earth-friendly choice that can be found in a variety of designs to complement many garden styles.

From the shores of Lake Austin to the tree lined streets of Barton Creek, landscaping in Austin, TX is creative, fun, and conscious of the surrounding environment. To get started with your Austin landscaping, contact an experienced Austin landscape architect or design-build firm.

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