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Landscape design architecture in Australia has seen many changes over the past few centuries, shifting from formal English inspired gardens to country modern landscaping with a focus on native gardens and sustainability.

The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA), along with other organizations, are bringing back the native flora and fauna of Australasia to create a simple, yet elegant, garden style that reflects the natural beauty of the region while minimizing the environmental impact of landscape design.

Designing for Conservation

Responsible water use is a critical part of landscape design throughout Australia, especially with restrictions in place in numerous areas including Sydney and Perth, Brisbane and Cairns in Queensland, plus Melbourne, Adelaide and areas of South Australia, as well as other regions. Careful planning and plant selection are the key to a sustainable design that requires minimal maintenance and resources.

landscape design architecture in Australia

Plants with similar water requirements are grouped together and located in the appropriate area of the outdoor space, depending on soil, sunlight, and other elements. Native and indigenous vegetation will also reduce the amount of water needed.

Rainwater collection, the use of greywater, and irrigation systems can provide alternative sources of water through the year.

To learn more about landscape design architecture in Australia and the conservation and growth of the unique native plant life of Australia we recommend going to the Australian Native Plants Society website where you’ll find interesting information.

Another great resource on Australian horticulture, is the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne, Victoria. This is not only a great website to visit but makes for a beautiful day out wandering the beautiful grounds.


Selecting the Right Vegetation

landscape design architecture in Australia

The size, color, and texture of the plants within your garden will play a major role in setting the overall look and feel of your outdoor space.

The type of plants you choose will also determine the amount of work and resources required to maintain your landscape design.

landscape design architecture in Australia

A combination of properly placed native plants and drought tolerant exotic species are a popular choice for sustainable, yet functional, landscape design architecture in Australia.

landscape design architecture in Australia

Work existing indigenous plants into your design plan;

Create shady areas with taller trees and shrubs, particularly on the western side;

Check local gardening sources to ensure that your native Australian plant choices are not weeds in your specific area;

Take care to place plants that require shade or need more water in the appropriate areas of your landscape.

Securing the services of an experienced professional is extremely beneficial when you’re planning your landscape design architecture in Australia.


Sustaining Native Wildlife with Specialty Garden Features

Rare Gouldian Finch – found by conservationists in Western Australia’s Dampier Peninsula

landscape design architecture in Australia

Birds, native frogs, butterflies, and other animals of Australasia can provide an array of benefits to your outdoor space, while also adding intrigue and variety to your landscape design architecture in Australia.

Local wildlife will assist with pest control, help to spread plants through pollination, and will continue to thrive and prosper within our environment when landscaping includes habitats, food, and water supplies to sustain them.

Australian native – Little Wattle Bird

landscape design architecture in Australia

One of the best types of shelter you can include in your outdoor area is birdhouses. They function as safe spaces for many different types of beautiful bird species, and also provide pops of color and interest in your garden or yard.

These, along with the appropriate types of flowers will turn your outdoor area into a favorite for majestic birds of all kinds.

Integrate ponds to provide homes for native frogs as well as water for birds, specialty gardens such as sunny rock gardens to offer lizards a basking spot. Plant dense shrubs to provide shelter for wildlife that visits your outdoor space.

Discuss the best nectar bearing flowers and shrubs with your design architect and include mulched areas, local daisy species, and ground covers that invite a variety of animals to your yard.

Whether you’re planning a beautiful garden in any part of Australia, the right mix of local plants and special features can create an amazing Australian landscape design that is functional and full of life.

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