Beverly Hills Landscape Design in Los Angeles Creates Gardens for the Stars

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Beverly Hills landscape design in Los Angeles is all about a mixture of towering palm trees, glamorous creativity, and an appeal of movie-star status that trickles into the neighboring upscale communities.

While Hollywood is often thought of as the principle watering hole of celebrities, it is actually Beverly Hills that shelters the famous and provides some of the best places to dine, sight see, and shop.

Countless movie stars have called the mansion-lined streets of Beverly Hills their home, ultimately providing the rest of the world with LA landscape trends that create an enchanting taste of what the region represents.


Beverly Hills landscape design in Los Angeles

An effective outdoor space created for a Beverly Hills landscape design in Los Angeles achieves just the right blend of function, allure, personality, and style.

‘Memorable designs are immediately mood altering, celebrating the sensual and tactile temperament that is the fabric of landscape. They artfully engage color and light to further amplify our language of style,’ says LA award-winning landscape architect John Feldman.

John and his team at Ecocentrix understand the design demands of the Beverly Hills lifestyle and use that knowledge to create an awe inspiring fusion of nature, society, and culture – luxurious outdoor living with superstar attraction.


Brief History

Before the seeds of the majestic residential paradise now known as Beverly Hills was planted, the land and region underwent many different transformations. After a gold rush and momentary oil boom in the late 1800’s, it wasn’t until 1906 that the community of Beverly Hills became open to the public.

Beverly Hills landscape design in Los Angeles

This allowed buyers to purchase a piece of the new development and build their own custom-made houses. In 1911, construction started on the Beverly Hills Hotel with a price tag of $300,000. At that time, lots were sold for about $2,000 each!

Over time, grand residences blossomed, including the former hunting lodge that gave birth to the illustrious Pick Fair in 1919 – the romantic nest for lovebirds Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford – the crème de la crème of silent films.


Beverly Hills landscape design in Los Angeles

Their Summit Drive home was known as one of the first private properties in Los Angeles to install a swimming pool within a large formal garden.

Completed in 1928, Greystone Mansion – the English Gothic Revival-style gift from an oil tycoon to his son is now a National Register of Historic Places treasure, known today for hosting numerous affairs and offering a glimpse at some of the finest Mediterranean gardens in California. Today, the delights of Beverly Hills Landscape Design in Los Angeles still show traces of long ago luxury throughout the LA region – blended with modern trends and edgy garden styles.


Breathtaking Landscaping with
Tinsel Town Elegance

Beverly Hills landscape design in Los Angeles

Travel along Sunset or Santa Monica Boulevard in Beverly Hills and you’ll encounter awe-inspiring Beverly Hills landscape design in Los Angeles with stunning views, manicured lawns and an abundance of trees – more than 27,000 to be exact.

In this area, Tudor-style gems with outlying birch trees, and attractive stone walkways leading to modern colonial homes line the streets of some of the most famous former residents, such as Jimmy Stewart, Lucille Ball, and Marlon Brando who lived in these beautiful celebrity homes.


Beverly Hills landscape design in Los Angeles


Multi-Colored and Interesting Walkways: Long gone are the grayish, washed out paths of flower-edged walkways, as multi-colored materials and geometric arrangements now add charm. Porches and walkways made out of black slate also enhance the exterior of white, cream, and ivory painted homes.


Eco-Friendliness: From sustainable timber and recycled concrete benches to solar lighting, designers for Beverly Hills Landscape Design in Los Angeles incorporate various approaches that take the environment into consideration without overlooking style and function.

Beverly Hills landscape design in Los Angeles

Incorporated Local Wildlife:With the pleasant buzz of honeybees, hummingbirds flitting about, and the flutter of colorful butterflies – creating a peaceful garden retreat that involves the local wildlife provides a fascinating hideaway.

Garden for Four Seasons: The southern California Mediterranean climate allows gardeners to incorporate designs, flowers, and plants that speak to all four seasons. Consider standard delights, such as salvia, lavender, and rosemary. California native plants and drought-tolerant selections come in handy with this sort of garden design, which helps attracts an array of visitors throughout the year. Consider the visual delight of Eugenia topiary – a hit with our feathered friends.


Beverly Hills landscape design in Los Angeles

Landscape Art: From tiled Art Deco walls to eye-catching sculptures, outdoor art is a welcomed feature in Beverly Hills landscape design in Los Angeles.

If you’re planning on creating a design for your outdoor space, we know of excellent Beverley Hills landscape design professionals in your area who can help you create your dream design.

If you happen to be a celebrity, our Preferred Pros can provide the highest level of service and confidentiality, as many of them have the reputation and experience of servicing some of Hollywood’s most famous celebrities.


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