Brighten Your Winter Landscape With These 4 Garden Design Ideas

by Allen Quay

in General Topics

In the winter season, gardeners have to be creative to bring color and texture to an otherwise cold and gray winter landscape.

To add more interest to the cold-weather landscape, consider these important garden design ideas.

Add Color

Winter gardens tend to be less colorful than in the spring since there are fewer flowers that bloom in the colder months. Evergreen trees and holly shrubs are the perfect winter addition to any landscape, adding a festive burst of vivid green and red.

There are over 400 species to choose from, varying greatly in size, ranging from massive trees to smaller shrubs. Holly thrives in slightly acidic soil and requires plenty of space, so consider consulting with a professional before choosing your plants and determining a location for them in your yard.

Make It Glow

green and yellow globe lights in a snowy winter gardenA well-lit yard using lighting techniques can transform the entire feeling that your landscaping evokes. This can make the difference between an inviting reprieve from the cold and being just another house on the block tinged with the gray of winter.

Start with your front entry, adding overhead lighting or lantern sconces to create an atmosphere that invites visitors in from the cold. Be sure that any paths or walkways are sufficiently lit, especially if there are steps. Adding [amazon_link id=”B004VR1RD2″ target=”_blank” ]colorful orb lights[/amazon_link] to the winter garden can create a dramatic effect as seen in the photo on the left.

Choose a few focal points throughout your yard, perhaps an old, gnarled oak tree or a sculpture in the garden, and highlight them with uplighting to add drama and interest. You’ll find the most comprehensive selection of outdoor lighting at Kichler or another retailer that specializes in exterior light fixtures.

This is important because you’ll want to find fixtures that complement the architecture of your home, not a one-size-fits-all solution from Home Depot.

Re-purpose Summer Accoutrements

Do you have an old wheelbarrow that you use as a spring planter? Are your window boxes just collecting snow? Re-purpose sturdy summer plant containers for winter, adding rhododendron, miniature holly, and dwarf spruce. Anything that can stand the cold temperatures in your area will work well, and add some much needed color to your landscape.

Add Hardscape

Since your plant options are limited, think outside the box with ways to add interest to your yard. Hardscape is a great way to incorporate new focal points. Consider adding one or more of the following items to your yard:

  • garden statue
  • garden trellis
  • outdoor bench
  • pergola

Though you may leave for work before the sun has come up and return home at dusk, there’s no reason that your winter landscape can’t provide a bright spot in your day!


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