Building A Sustainable Garden With Green Landscaping Ideas

by Allen Quay

in Sustainable

Eco friendly landscaping isn’t as difficult as it sounds. By implementing just a few simple green landscaping ideas, you can create a breathtaking landscape design while being environmentally friendly. With the growing concern about the state of the earth and global warming, it’s becoming easier to integrate green ideas into landscape design.


Here’s few Eco-friendly ideas to consider:

  • Use rain water. Collect rain water in large barrels and use it to water flower beds and gardens. The Environmental Protection Agency states that 20% of individuals’ home water bill is used outdoors. Using rain water conserves a lot and will save you money!


  • Native plants. When you utilize plants that are native to your area, they have a natural defense against the native pests. This cuts down on the need to utilize pesticide as well as fertilizer and you don’t have to water them as much.


  • Try composting. It can be very small scale, and still be very beneficial to your plants. You utilize organic waste from your kitchen that would be thrown away anyway, and it provides excellent nutrition for your flowers, trees and plants.


  • Go chemical free. Instead of using harmful pesticides, utilize alternative methods for keeping pests away from your flowers. For instance, marigolds are great for warding off nematodes and white flies while petunias naturally repel aphids and tomato worms.


  • Recycle materials. Bricks and rocks from old construction projects can be used to frame flower beds and create walkways. Recycled wood can create landscape design accessories like furniture or bird houses. Recycling materials is a great way to green your outdoor space.


  • The benefits of mulch. By using mulch, you can use less water for plants and flowers. Go for a natural, chemical-free mulch or simply ask for wood chips from someone who is getting rid of trees or stumps on their property. They’ll probably be happy to oblige you.



By incorporating green landscaping ideas into your garden space, it’s not only beneficial to the environment, but also friendly on your wallet or pocketbook. Do you have a favorite Eco-friendly idea to share? Drop us a comment!

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