California Landscape Design for Luxury Beauty and Timeless Style

by Allen Quay

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For many years, California landscape design has reflected the relaxed outdoor living style of the coastal culture in the area. The warm and breezy Mediterranean climate of Southern California, along with the magnificently diverse countryside and plant life, creates an environment that invites its residents to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.

In the early 1930s, Thomas Church began to redefine California’s design style with the introduction of beautifully designed outdoor living spaces. Church was a landscape architect with an extensive education, as well as experience with European gardening techniques. His small San Francisco design office remained a vital part of the areas landscaping for 45 years.

With more than 2000 innovative residential garden designs, Thomas Church combined the practicality and usefulness of traditional gardens with modern design and stylish appeal to create a unique landscape design that transforms a yard into an extension of the home.


California landscape design

Church is responsible for what is known today as the California garden style, a tastefully planned outdoor living area that can be enjoyed by friends and family.

The work of Thomas Church still inspires California landscape design, as well as other areas throughout the world.

Today’s architects mingle their own creativity with Church’s ideas to produce remarkable outdoor living areas.


A Garden Style That Varies Like the Terrain


California landscape design

California landscape design is quite unique, bringing together the relaxed charm of quaint Mediterranean seaside villages and the elegant, upscale modern culture.

The overall style of these gardens can range from the rustic feel of Old World Tuscany to the sophistication of French influenced outdoor space.

These garden styles are just as varied as the magnificent Southern California landscape, including miles of sandy beaches, lush valleys and hillsides, and majestic mountain peaks.

While there are many differences in the garden styles of this area, there are just as many common elements. Every landscape style combines a beautiful selection of practical plant life with carefully selected materials and themed garden accessories to create an outdoor area that balances the impressiveness of a typical California home. Simplicity is a common characteristic in California style plus many gardens possess a rustic flair.


It’s About Creating a Simple, Natural and Relaxing Lifestyle


California landscape design

Many California landscape styles incorporate colorful accents in vivid paints, while others accessorize with simplistic, unfinished decor and natural elements.

The most important feature of these carefully planned outdoor spaces is the ability to blend the simplicity and naturalness of the ideal garden theme into the luxurious, grand demeanor of the fine home the yard surrounds.


A California landscape design can transform an average yard into an enchanting outdoor living area you and your family will enjoy for many years. There are many different types of popular and unique garden styles that are ideal for homes in California.

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