Chicago Landscape Adventures in the Windy City

by Allen Quay

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Chicago landscape design recreates elegant country living in the bustling city suburbs, blending romance and intrigue with sophisticated functionality for magnificent outdoor living space.

Large lots surrounding stately residential manors are the ideal setting for an outstanding Chicago garden design that is full of life and color.


Creative Chicago Garden Styles

From quaint urban town homes within the city to sprawling estate communities along the North Shore, Chicago’s residences represent an assortment of architectural styles that can be complemented by many different landscape designs.

Custom built homes in Barrington’s Timber Creek, prestigious Indian Hill Creek in Winnetka, and beautiful Glencoe Lakefront reflect a range of English, colonial, tudor, and even modern styles.

Chicago landscape design

A typical Chicago garden design comes to life in the spring and summer with abundant plant life and country gardens.

Both small and large yards generally feature an array of colorful blooms and fragrant blossoms throughout the warm seasons, while evergreens and ivy provide continuous color during the snowy winter months as well.

While English garden styles are the most prevalent in Chicago, you’ll also find magnificent examples of Tuscan, Italian, and other Mediterranean designs. Tranquil Asian gardens are not uncommon either.



Vegetation for Chicago Landscape Design

Landscaping with native plants is gaining popularity across the nation. Native plants and trees minimize maintenance and water usage, promote local wildlife preservation, and protect the natural environment. The city of Chicago is one of several locations to encourage the use of native vegetation by enacting bans on the use of plant species considered to be invasive.

When selecting the plants and trees for you Chicago landscape design, take care to review the ordinances in effect. Choose vegetation that suits the size of your outdoor space and complements the style of your home, but also integrate grasses, trees, shrubs, and perennials that naturally grow in the area. Consider consulting a Chicago landscape architect to create a planting plan that works best for your property.


Outdoor Ideas for Your Chicago Home

• Small yards or town homes: A flourishing landscape design doesn’t require a great deal of space. Consider window box gardens with colorful wildflowers, container gardens to adorn small patios or balconies, or carefully planned flower beds and vegetable gardens surrounding a small terrace for entertaining.

Larger lots offer much more versatility. Depending on the overall style of your property, there are several options that can add beauty and functionality to your garden design:

• Creative water features: Natural ponds, surrounded by aquatic plants, add a sense of tranquility to your outdoor space and invite wildlife to visit.

Chicago landscape design

• Secluded seating: In addition to comfortable outdoor furniture on your patio, create relaxing seating areas in various areas through your landscape. Stone benches and romantic arbors can be positioned to take in views of the ponds and flower gardens.

• Fire pits: Chilly Chicago nights are ideal for outdoor fire places. Custom stone structures or readily available manufactured models can easily blend with your home to provide year-round enjoyment.

Chicago landscape design

• Wildflower gardens: Rather than expansive, high-maintenance lawns, opt for natural meadows of tall native grasses with abundant and colorful wildflowers.

Integrate these flourishing blooms into flower beds and other planting areas as well to sustain wildlife and add beauty to your home.

From choosing the best garden style and selecting vegetation to planning a suitable planting arrangement and installing luxurious features, a professionally created and installed garden design will make the most of your property.



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