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by Allen Quay

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I’m calling this ‘The Reveal’ because if you saw the Choosing Winter Plants for the Garden – Part 1 you would know that Head Gardener Phil Stigwood describes the gardening program at Wolfson College in Cambridge,  you would know that he only lightly touches on the winter garden that they are so rightfully proud of creating.

In this video below, Phil goes into greater detail about the winter plants used in creating this very colorful and interesting winter garden space. Watch how he brings this fascinating garden to life at a time of the year that most of us surrender to the dullness of Old Man Winter!


Read what Phil has to say in his video:

The garden in winter can be full of flower, scent and color as can be seen in the winter garden at Wilson College.  The ground is carpeted with bulbs and perennials such as Snowdrops, Glory of the Snow, Aconites, Crocus, Snow Iris, Hellebore, Sweet Violets and Violas flowering from December to April.

The star of the winter garden is a rare Acer, Acer Phoenix  which turns from a dull yellow green bark in the summer to the explosion of pink and red branches in winter.  The Golden Cane Bamboo adds great color movement and structure to the winter garden.

Small Chinese trees with fascinating bark such as the Paper Bark Maple, the Shaggy River Birch, the Snakeskin Bark Acer and the Tibetan Cherry are real talking points in the college winter garden.

Flowering shrubs such as Winter Sweet, Witch Hazel and Daphne is highlighted in this film. These along with Viburnums and Christmas Box fill the garden with scent and winter flowers over a long period.  The colorful stems of Cornus Midwinter Fire, Sibirica, Annie’s Orange, Rubus Goldenvale, Japanese Wine Berry and the Red Wine Rubus all glow with color making the Wilson winter garden a real winter warmer.


I hope you’ve enjoyed these two videos and learned that the right kind of winter plants can make all the difference when creating a beautiful winter garden of your own.

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