Dallas Landscape Design Blending Natural Elegance with Historic Charm

by Allen Quay

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Use this search feature to quickly find the information you’re looking for Dallas landscape design is a rich blend of modern sophistication and classic southern charm.

Historic mansions and sprawling early 1900s estates are common in areas like Preston Hollow and Old Highland Park, while mid-century homes and modern architecture are found beside century-old plantations in Volk Estates, resulting in an eclectic mix of landscaping in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Aside from matching a broad range of architectural styles as well as personal tastes, Dallas landscape design architects also face the challenge of creating an outdoor space that will withstand the sometimes extreme Texas weather.

The tips below will help you plan the perfect landscaping for your DFW home, or you can read more about landscaping in Austin or the latest garden trends in Houston.


1: Work with the Existing Environment

Acreage is quite common in Dallas’s most affluent neighborhoods. Many of these communities are also well-established and feature magnificent historic homes. Whether you’re planning a new landscape design in Willow Bend or renovating your Greenway Parks outdoor space, it is important to retain as much of the existing plant life and vegetation as possible. Trees and shrubs that are already thriving bring immediate life to new landscaping, and also decrease the amount of maintenance and upkeep needed.


2: Plant Plenty of Trees

Trees are essential for an outdoor space that can offer escape from the hot Texas sun. Healthy, mature trees that are already a part of the landscaping are the best option, especially hardwoods with full canopies for shade. An experienced Dallas landscape design contractor can help you decide on the best tree varieties, and can also suggest the best planting layout to protect your home from strong winds while maintaining its beauty.


3: Choose Native Vegetation

Natural, relaxed gardens are popular Dallas landscape design trends. The best way to achieve a naturalistic appearance is to build your outdoor space around trees, shrubs, and flowers that are indigenous to the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Native gardens are an excellent way to attract butterflies, birds, and other local wildlife to your backyard, and are also a great way to minimize yard maintenance. Plants like those below have adapted to the Dallas climate and soil, as well as common pests and are perfect for a Dallas landscape design:

  • Large trees, including live oak, bald cypress, Texas red oak, and magnolia
  • Small trees, like Texas pistachio, Mexican redbud, crepe myrtle, and Foster’s holly
  • Shrubs, such as red yucca, Texas mountain laurel, and pomegranate
  • Pampas grass, Asian jasmine, shore juniper, and other ornamental grasses and groundcovers
  • Colorful perennials, including day lilies, purple coneflower, Russian sage, and bearded iris



4: Plan for Functionality and Enjoyment

Texas landscape designs range from expansive estate gardens to vibrant country gardens to rustic outdoor spaces with Mediterranean flair. Regardless of the garden style, the best Dallas landscaping is designed to provide you and your family with a personal outdoor paradise. Swimming pools are a popular escape from the blistering summer heat. Outdoor kitchens make southern backyard barbecues even more fun. Covered patios and outdoor living rooms allow you to enjoy your landscape design regardless of the weather.


From natural gardens with native plants to Tuscan-inspired outdoor spaces with fragrant aromas, every Dallas landscape design is unique. The key to creating the perfect outdoor space is to center the design around the things that matter most to you, whether that’s a luxurious spa or a relaxing water garden.


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