Decorative Wrought Iron Inlay for Flagstone Patio

by Allen Quay

in Tips & Tricks


I wanted to share this landscape design idea with those looking for ways to decorate their patios, entry areas, walkways, etc. It’s embedding a decorative wrought iron piece into a flagstone patio and it works extremely well for rustic Mediterranean, Tuscan, Santa Barbara or Italian landscape styles.

It’s easy to do, well I don’t mean laying a flagstone patio is easy to do. I hired a landscaper to do that part. But I supplied the iron decoration that was embedded in my patio.

Here’s how I did it…

I found a beautiful wrought iron piece in one of those off-the-freeway places that are so plentiful here in California. Make sure it is real wrought iron and is the right size for the area.

Then take it to a welder to have 4-6″ leg brackets installed on the downward facing side. Bracket length depends on the slab and flagstone thickness. I was lucking because the place I bought it from did on-site welding and offered me a really good price. You don’t need many legs. I used 6-8 legs on my piece which was 4 feet wide. The end of the legs need to be ‘L’ or ‘T’ shaped to act as anchors when set into the concrete slab.

Have the iron piece set in place during the concrete framing process. The top should be flush with the finished grade. After the concrete sets, flagstone around the wrought iron piece. On the inside area, I used broken old-world decorative tile pieces that I bought at Home Depot along with small pieces of flagstone. After it set, the joints were filled in with a colored grout containing small gravel to give it a rustic look.

The results were jaw-dropping good when I showed my neighbors, friends and family! I wonder if anyone else has done this kind of thing before or has some similar tips when it comes to decorating concrete.

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