Country Landscape Design Ideas for
Creating Simplistic Charm

The quaint gardens of yesteryear are the origin for most of today’s most elegant country landscape design ideas. Throughout time, gardening has been a vital part of existence. During the 17th century, gardens and cultivation evolved into much more than sources for foods and medicinal ingredients.

country landscape design ideas

Lush landscapes, full of colorful and fragrant blooms, surrounded most homes and cottages, providing a relaxing and beautiful outdoor extension to their living space.

European country gardens first appeared around charming English cottages during the Tudor period of the 1600s.

Flourishing blooms brightened the pathways that wound through the aromatic beds of vegetables and herbs for the kitchen and romantic, flower draped arbors provided a relaxing place to enjoy the beauty of the fragrant romantic country garden.

country landscape design ideas

French country landscape designs featured the same natural essence with bountiful herbs and vegetables among the overflowing beds of colorful flowers, but French gardens added a editerranean flair to the country landscape design.

Typical French gardens incorporate the romantic fragrance of lavender and lush, green Mediterranean foliage with the traditional soft curves and pastel flora of English gardens for an outdoor space that is simple and functional, yet refined and elegant.

For centuries, fountains were an essential element of the Provencal lifestyle. These charming monuments were the only water supply for small villages of the region and through the years, have come to represent the simple and soothing life of Provence.

country landscape design ideas

By the 19th century, the world’s leading landscape architects combined the simplistic beauty of colorful English cottage style with the breezy sophistication of French country gardens to create the American country landscape design.

Today’s country landscape design ideas are heavily influenced by these
traditional garden styles and are ideal for modern residences featuring a rustic Renaissance or Victorian style.

Materials of a Country Landscape Design

Country gardens are designed for tranquil enjoyment of nature’s aromatic beauty, but should also be functional.

country landscape design ideas

Intimate patios, arched by lush green vines and fragrant blossoms, and meandering pathways brushed by colorful plants of various textures are key elements of your country landscape.

Country landscape design ideas also include paths and terraces, these should be constructed of simple, natural materials that complement the garden accessories, as well as the house.


We recommend using these paving materials:

  • Cobblestone walkways and patios are typical of many European country landscape designs and add an elegant touch that suits most modern homes
  • Flagstone pavers are another sophisticated option
  • Weathered brick flooring is a great choice for a charming, romantic atmosphere
  • Gravel makes an inexpensive, rustic choice for your country garden paths

Integrate straight lines and sharp angles when you design your walkways and patios for a more formal look or create soft curves and sweeping edges for a more informal style. Expanses of grass should be kept to a minimum for an authentic country landscape design, but small lawns for pets and children are suggested.

Country Landscape Accessories

country landscape design ideas

The most popular country landscape design ideas incorporate elements that reflect the relaxed elegance of the Mediterranean, the rustic charm of Old World Europe, and the simple beauty of nature.

Choose accessories that complement the overall theme of your garden, as well as the modern style of your home.

Here are some ideas that we would recommend:

  • Gazebos, terraces with wooden, wrought iron, or teak patio furniture, and other sitting areas are attractive and are ideal for outdoor living and entertaining.
  • Protect flower beds and herb gardens with decorative iron or quaint wooden picket fences.
  • Design pathways that lead to a vine covered arbor overlooking a decorative pond and rustic wooden footbridge.
  • Old World style accessories bring a look of times gone by to your country landscape design. Suggestions include sundials, aged concrete birdbaths, benches and rustic statues.
  • Bright, vivid colors suggest a French country garden design. Integrate colors into your décor with outdoor pillows, tableware, and planters.
  • Fresh and dried flower arrangements from your garden add a romantic touch to your outdoor area.
  • Terracotta, natural pottery, and neutral toned containers are recommended as well.

Country Garden Plant Life

country landscape design ideas

Country garden plants are noted for their lush, colorful, and fragrant variety of flora. The flowers, trees, and shrubs you choose for your country garden should reflect your own tastes, while complementing the style of your home.

Country landscape design ideas should include an assortment of useful plants, as well as plenty of decorative blooms.


Include plants like:

  • Herbs, particularly lavender
  • Ornamental trees, fruit trees, and evergreen shrubs
  • Many varieties of roses
  • Colorful vegetables
  • An array of annuals and perennials
  • Creeping vines with fragrant and colorful flowers

Country landscape design ideas are a beautiful way to blend natural charm with the elegance of a modern home. Authentic country gardens require careful planning.

Gaining as much information on what’s possible will make it that much easier when putting all the pieces together when creating your landscape design. Start by gathering landscaping ideas from reliable sources to help you form the vision of your ideal outdoor space.

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