Discover the Magic of a Romantic English Garden Landscape Design

As you step through the iron gates into your sanctuary made possible with a romantic English garden landscape design, twilight approaches. The day is ending yet your senses are alive with the wondrous sights and smells of your country garden.

As you walk along the path, you can hear the night birds calling to each other. The gazebo where you sit for a moment to enjoy the fragrance of the old-fashioned roses is one of your favorite spots.

romantic English garden landscape design

The gurgling water of the pond seems to call for attention as you stroll the path surrounded by hollyhocks, pansies, and delphiniums.

Sitting in the swing by the pond is so relaxing you might drift off if not for the gentle splashing of the goldfish as they play while night descends. The gentle breeze awakens the flowers in such detail that you must wander on the stone pathway to another of your favorite spots.

The natural stone wall with petite ivy stretching its way to the top beckons you. On the other side, statues of angels stand guard over this hidden treasure. Violets spill out of an old wheelbarrow, a fountain sends water cascading, and the gnomes seem to play among the flowers in this cottage garden.

romantic English garden landscape design

The stone bench invites you to sit and linger while enjoying the wisteria that glows palely in the night.

As you look around at the wonder of this romantic English garden landscape design, the abundance of flowers and vines, the statuettes of fairies seem to whisper the stories of kings and castles.

Sitting in your wondrous garden can transport you to the time when great white stallions carried the armored guards that roamed the English countryside. The mystical feel created by your garden is soothing and exciting at the same time.

As the night grows longer the smell of ripening apples on the trees nearby seem to play havoc with your taste buds. The herbs growing in the little garden mix in their own fragrance for a split second.

romantic English garden landscape design

To retreat to your oasis brings a calm, relaxing, sense of belonging that is rivaled by very few places you have ever been. This is where you long to be when surrounded by the chaotic world around you.

When you sit under the night sky and gaze at the beauty that was created especially for you, the stress of the day seems to melt away.

Your own romantic English garden landscape design does not need to be a dream. It can be your reality. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to enjoy the garden of your dreams every day? Imagine the romantic setting this garden can provide for you and that special person.

Sharing the night sounds and the spectacular beauty of your very own country garden can happen no matter where you live. An idyllic setting in the middle of a busy city is possible. The getaway of your dreams can be right outside your door. If you think a garden like this exists only in dreams, you owe it to yourself to find out differently.

Does spending time in a romantic garden move you too? We’d love to know… just send us a comment below!


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