Experience the Wonders a Tuscany Landscape Design Brings

Tuscany Landscape Design can make your garden a magical experience… Come with us on a journey in your new Tuscan garden… Now imagine the warm summer night smell of jasmine wafting on the breeze tantalizing your senses… Feel the cool touch of natural stones on your feet. Can you hear the fountains bubbling? Can you hear the sounds of night birds calling to each other?

Am I Experiencing a Wonderful Dream?

Tuscany landscape design

No, it is not a wonderful dream but it is a dream garden, built from a real Tuscany landscape design.

Imagine large urns filled with spilling vines that glisten with dew drops in the moonlight. Iron trellises are formed around a concrete bench with spider lilies swaying in the light breeze.

A beautiful Italian sculpture, small terra cotta pots filled to the brim with herbs – basil, rosemary, cilantro, and pineapple sage – are on stair step wrought iron planters.

Grape vines abound and their sweet smell is in the evening air. Italian cypress is behind you, two groups of three trees each. Tuscan style abounds…huge terra cotta pots sit on the patio slabs holding orange trees and pineapple trees. Olive trees in barrel planters placed in the right spot for watching their leaves mature right before your eyes. Wisteria glows in the moonlight showing off for your enjoyment and delight.

The Morning Sun Rises as You Rush Outside

Tuscany landscape design

Your very own little patch for vegetables is waiting for you to come see what it has to bear today. Tomato plants with fat ripening tomatoes so juicy you could eat them right off the vine.

Cabbages with their leafy green coverings opening to display the bounty within. Plump green beans weighing down their vines, waiting to be picked, for a special dinner. What a wonderful family dinner this will be with these flavorful vegetables grown with care.

If you can close your eyes and picture yourself at days end enjoying your favorite beverage in your perfect garden setting with all your cares and the stress of the long day floating further and further away you definitely need a garden. Not just any garden. Tuscany landscape design with traditional plants and seating for solo enjoyment or family gatherings.

Tuscany landscape design

A Tuscany landscape design will not only become your paradise within the chaos but it will add to the value of your home immensely.

The precision and beauty within this garden will show. The flow of the garden itself is oddly deceptive.

It seems to be a natural phenomenon that was always there however you will know the planning that went into creating this magnificent garden. Everyone that visits this garden will have a hard time leaving.

Have you shared a similar experience in a Mediterranean region? Maybe in California, Spain or Italy itself? Comment on YOUR experience below.

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1 Mary August 14, 2012 at 9:30 am

Fantastic information to help me understand the landscape style that’s really me, and tips plus pictures! Thanks a million, now I am not running every which way, I now know where I’m headed.


2 Allen Quay August 14, 2012 at 9:04 pm

Great Mary! Glad we were able to help. Stay tuned we have a lot more to come.


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