Outdoor Living at its Finest with Tuscan Landscape Design

More and more homeowners are opting for a Tuscan landscape design for Old World charm that blends the elegance of their fine home with the natural beauty of simple gardens. Your outdoor area is much more than the space that surrounds your home; it is an extension of your home.

Tuscan landscape design

The landscaping and décor of your garden defines the style, the atmosphere, and the appearance of your outdoor living space. Equal importance should be given when choosing your Tuscan plant material.

Creating structure using trees and shrubs is key when designing a Tuscan landscape design. After that, soften with ground covers and flowers are in order.

Today’s Tuscan style landscapes often combine the elegant feel of Italian landscape design from the Renaissance period with the peasantry gardens and rustic accessories of the enchanting farms of Tuscany.

The rolling countryside, flowing hills of vineyards, 200-year-old villas overlooking the panoramic view below… this is what inspires great Tuscan designers.

Simplicity is the key to an authentic Tuscan environment. It’s a rural design style with a rustic, natural beauty. Not ornate, not elaborate, but still elegantly captivating. Tuscan landscape design often features tranquil waterfalls, remarkable kitchens accented with natural stone, and a flourishing collection of aromatic plant life.

The video below showcases our landscape professional’s work and illustrates how using certain materials can create a unique Tuscan look…


Tuscan gardens are distinct from other landscaping styles because of its rustic, yet elegant flair. Experience the look and feel of Tuscany in your own yard by carefully planning your outdoor space, using the right materials and Tuscan landscape design style accessories.

Best Materials for Tuscan Gardens

Tuscan landscape design

Tuscan gardens are popular for their beauty, as well as the simplicity and ease of maintenance they offer. Paths, patios, and other functional areas are essential to any comfortable outdoor living design and the type of material used to create these floors plays an important part in defining the atmosphere and theme of your outdoor area.

To create a Tuscan garden look, consider the following flooring options. Follow the links to a few of our trusted online merchants where you can purchase the material for your landscape project…

Tuscan landscape design

• Ceramic decorative tiles adds authentic charm to any Mediterranean design. Use them to create a pattern that will add a slash of color to an otherwise dull patio. They also can be used on stair risers and counter tops. Choose colors that will tie in other elements in your garden.

Tuscan landscape design

• Saltillo & Terracotta create charming walks and floors with a rustic feel. Choose only a porcelain saltillo instead of the porous generic type to avoid repetitive stripping and sealing routines.

Tuscan landscape design

• Weather treated bricks are easy to maintain and can be mortared in place or sand set for and even more uneven rustic feel. Can be used on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. Various patterns can be achieved to create interesting styles.

Tuscan landscape design

Pebbles have been used for centuries in Italy to create a durable, natural finish. Use it as a solid pattern or as bands to create a unique accent. Purchasing pebbles on mesh backing makes installation a whole lot easier and faster.

• Travertine is another paving material that can refine the rustic feel of your garden, allowing the simple Tuscan theme of your outdoor living area to blend with the sophistication of your modern home.

• Slate is a quite popular flooring option for many magnificent California homes with lush Tuscan gardens. These exquisite tiles make beautiful patios and walkways that balance the beauty and elegance of modern homes without losing the quaint Tuscan charm of your landscape design.

• Flagstone offers a smooth, elegant style of charm for contemporary Tuscan landscape design with the same convenience as brick.

• Aggregate finish with its hard, colored gravel textured surface is a good, inexpensive way to create a natural look and combines well with stone and tile accents.

• Gravel is the ideal flooring choice for a rustic Tuscan landscape design on a limited budget. Like other flooring materials, there are a variety of colors available. A subtle, neutral color will best accent the Tuscan feel; it is best to avoid white or gray gravel.

• Decomposed granite is a time tested favorite for naturally appealing pathways and is another inexpensive option for the paving areas of your yard.


Accessories For Your Tuscan Design

Tuscan landscape design

Like the materials used to pave your patios and walkways, the decorations and furnishings you choose to incorporate into your landscape design help define your Tuscan theme.

Choose items that reflect the rustic and simple appearance of Tuscany, as well as the elegance of your home. Décor with a Mediterranean flair is perfect for this type of look.

If you are looking for unique Tuscan decor we recommend checking out the links below to our preferred vendors. They carry a large quantity of quality garden products with a European flair.


Consider these accessories:

• Terra cotta accents are one of the most simple and inexpensive ways to bring a sense of Old World Tuscan charm into your garden. Decorate with terra cotta planters of various shapes and sizes, decorative urns, and other terra cotta pottery.

Tuscan landscape design

Reproduced Portuguese antique vessels like the one pictured here were originally used for transporting olive oil, wine, and molasses are true in every detail. Whats great about these pots are they’re light weight and last longer than their terra cotta cousins.

Plant these beautiful wide-rim planters with overflowing creepers or flowers for an authentic Tuscan landscape design effect at the entrance of your home or patio area.

• Statuary will give a classic feel to your Tuscan garden. Make sure the size is appropriate for the space that it will occupy. People tend to choose statues that are too small for the area, so it’s best to go a little larger then you think.

• Clay roof tiles and heavy beams of dark wood will add authenticity to your Tuscan landscape design. They can be used to unify your indoor and outdoor living areas into an astounding, elegant estate that is as magnificent outside as it is inside.

Tuscan landscape design

• Italian ceramic pottery can add colorful accents to your garden. The best of these are handcrafted in small medieval cities of Italy by the worlds most talented artisans who use the same process their ancestors did centuries ago.

Use them on their own or combine them in groups of various sizes and styles. Plant them with topiary, dwarf shrubs, rosemary, lavender or herbs… anything with green or gray foliage is fine as long as it doesn’t compete with the planter’s colorful pattern.

• Accent walls can add a sense of elegance to your Tuscan landscape design. Stone walls make wonderful barriers and dividers for your gardens and flowerbeds and, at the same time, they give your yard a simple, Tuscan flair.

Tuscan landscape design

• Wall art is another good way to warm up an exterior wall.
This art is made specifically for the outdoors and is reproduced by renowned artists in every style imaginable like this Tuscan print shown here.

• Wall fountains are commonly found in Mediterranean gardens and make beautiful additions to your design.

• Teak wood furniture and accessories can also give your garden an Old World appearance without shadowing the modern, sophisticated design of your home.

• Wrought iron can be a great way add a rustic touch and can be used as fireplace accessories, window and door hardware, lighting, urns, gates and even as mosaics embedded in paving.

Flora That Completes Your Tuscan Garden

Tuscan landscape design

The plants and flowers you decide to feature along your walkways and throughout your backyard are the final key to designing a beautiful outdoor living space with a Tuscany theme.

The best plants for your Tuscan garden are any of the lush flowers and shrubs common to the Mediterranean region. Creeping vines make rustic adornments, while vegetable and herb gardens are both aromatic and useful.

Your outdoor living area should be just as beautiful, functional, and enjoyable as the inside of your home. If you desire a yard with an Old World, Tuscan flair, it is important to blend this theme into the modern style of your home. Many local landscapers fail to pay attention to the small details mentioned above that are essential for a true Tuscan landscape design.

These tips and ideas are designed to help you gather your thoughts about what you want for your own Tuscan landscape design. If they helped you in any way, please share this page with your friends and drop us a comment below!

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