Modern Landscape Design for Contemporary Living

Modern landscape design blends functionality with fresh, sophisticated flair to create an outdoor space that reflects the splendor of today’s fine architecture without detracting from the natural beauty surrounding it. Contemporary gardens are ideal for small and large yards, and can easily be adapted to suit the style of most modern homes.

modern landscape design

Creative Contemporary Materials

This intriguing type of landscape design typically requires very little maintenance, making it a favorite for modern families.

The innovative use of unusual materials and eye-catching textures, along with distinct patterns and vivid colors create stunning visual displays, nearly as eye-catching as the homes they complement.

Hardscape designs play a major part in a modern landscape design. Not only do hardscape features reduce the need for maintenance, they also create the crisp lines and angles of contemporary landscaping.

The right materials will complement your home, as well as your personal tastes, while blending with the overall theme of your property.


  • Natural gravel
  • Plain unfinished concrete
  • Pebbles in complementary hues
  • Elegant colored tiles or pavers

Wooden accent beams and patio covers create comfortable outdoor living areas that integrate your landscape design with your home’s interior and exterior style.

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Modern Outdoor Accessories

Just like the materials you choose, the right furnishings and accessories can make your modern landscape design unique. Synthetic materials are popular additions to contemporary designs – stainless steel outdoor kitchens and fountains, metal furniture or planters, and decor that integrates plastic or canvas are ideal.


modern landscape design

Vivid greens, reds, and blues add brightness to your outdoor space or consider intriguing color-changing lights for modern flair.

Uniquely designed fire features are perfect for modern outdoor living spaces. This unique extra wide outdoor gas fireplace is a great addition for almost any modern outdoor space.

The added features we like are it’s controlled with an electronic touch pad and you can match your fireplace with your décor, with choices from
stainless steel, florentine bronze, black granite, and travertine stone.

Vegetation for Contemporary Appeal

Plant life is a vital part of any garden style but receives much less attention in a modern landscape design. Small yards and the desire for low-maintenance play a role in the vegetation featured in contemporary designs. Opt for colorful, easy to care for plants that add alluring
textures to your outdoor space.


Some suggestions include:

  • Large-leafed palms and agaves that lend an exotic air;
  • Lush bamboo and evergreens to create privacy and barriers;
  • Carefully shaped topiaries and boxwoods with intriguing patterns and shapes;
  • Container gardens with vibrant blooms to add color and life to patios;
  • Ornamental grasses that provide a break between hardscape features.

Take advantage of mass planting techniques for a lively, full appearance by layering vegetation according to size and texture.

Rock gardens and tranquil water features can also add life and intrigue to your modern outdoor space. Going green with sustainable landscape design is a great choice for the eco-concious homeowner and is often incorporated into a modern landscape design.

Bottom line… modern landscaping is an adaptive garden style that is ideal for contemporary living.

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1 yancey company October 24, 2012 at 4:06 am

Patio covers add a new virtual room to your house, add border plants and lighting to complete the transformation.


2 Allen Quay October 29, 2012 at 7:34 pm

Absolutely… and the photo at the top of this page of a backyard in Australia is a great example. It helps to bring the outside in. Or is it the inside out? When you have to ask that question, you know you’ve achieved a perfect transition.


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