Discovering Florida Landscape Design Styles

by Allen Quay

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Landscape design in Florida takes many different forms, but luxury outdoor living is always a priority. From contemporary homes with limited outdoor space to posh Mediterranean style estates, Florida landscape designs are beautiful, functional outdoor getaways that enhance the entire property.

Outdoor living is one of the most appealing aspects of residing in Florida. In addition to this, outdoor decor and design indicates social status and dramatically increases property value.

Outdoor kitchens, patios and outdoor rooms for entertaining, and private courtyards are all common elements of a Florida landscape design.

Retaining walls and boating docks are often incorporated into the design plans as well. Because of the extremely hot summer temperatures experienced in Florida, swimming pools are almost a necessity.

Florida pool designs are based on the desires of the homeowner, ranging from simple, traditional styles to stunning custom spas with unique accents. Poolside patios, waterfalls, and pool houses are popular additions to many landscape designs in the Sunshine State, along with lush, tropical plants and palm trees.


Florida Landscape Lighting

Warm evening temperatures encourage backyard entertaining so outdoor lighting systems are quite popular. Landscape lighting designs not only improve the functionality and beauty of an outdoor space, an effective lighting design also increases the safety and security of the property.

Florida landscape design

‘The way a landscape lighting design is installed makes a big difference,’ says Bob Kelly owner of Elegant Custom Images Inc. in Florida.

Bob says, ‘It’s important to install a system that can change if the needs of the outdoor space require it and the quality of the materials should last through the life of the landscape.’

A lighting system that can grow with your plant life is extremely important for new Florida landscape design, especially as large trees and shrubbery mature. When combined with outdoor furniture and garden décor that complement the space, landscape lighting can magnify the beauty of your home, inside and out.


Outdoor Living Florida Style

Tropical gardens and exotic flowers are seen in landscapes throughout Florida. The warm, humid climate allows these plants to thrive with very little maintenance to create a luxurious outdoor environment that saves time, money and energy.

Many Florida residents want to achieve the look and feel of the high class Florida landscaping that is exhibited all along the coast and cities of this tropical State. From the celebrity mansions of Star Island to the quaint seaside villas of Sanibel, every Florida landscape design is a unique outdoor paradise that makes living in the Sunshine State more like a permanent luxury vacation.

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1 Allen Quay September 25, 2012 at 12:42 pm

Besides the fact that Florida is wet and tropical and Arizona is dry and a desert, the landscape design is pretty similar in that both incorporate the same design principles mentioned throughout our site. Oh yeah… after living in both states they each have plenty of sunshine. I love the sunshine. 🙂


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