Dubai Landscape Design is Going Green

by Allen Quay

in Sustainable

Landscape design architecture in Dubai sometimes know as Dubayy, is undergoing a revival in response to recent growth in both private and public building sectors, as well as a renewed commitment to the environment.

In addition to new commercial and residential landscaping in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) hub also plans to plant a million trees across the UAE to protect and preserve the environment. Parks, lawns, and luxurious residential gardens are becoming commonplace in this populous Middle Eastern state – a trend that promises to spread
throughout the next few years.


Commercial Designs

Modern business parks, elegant travel resorts, and sprawling urban infrastructure are integral parts of the Dubai cityscape. These commercial constructions feature some of the best landscape design architecture in Dubai, ranging from exotic tropical gardens and expansive swimming pools surrounding hotels to extravagant water features and themed gardens amid towering office buildings.

landscape design architecture in Dubai

United Arab Emirates designers are faced with critical decisions to make the most of the available outdoor space, especially in public outdoor spaces. Hardscape features for parking, commuting, and recreation are carefully combined with lush vegetation and vibrant plantings to balance functionality with beauty.

Master planned locations are quite common in landscape design architecture in Dubai, featuring an inclusive design that incorporates effective drainage and irrigation along with beautiful lawns and gardens for an enjoyable environment that conserves natural resources.


Residential Flair

While commercial landscaping is flourishing in the Middle East, the population in Dubai continues to grow and residential development is experiencing unprecedented growth. Luxury paradise islands dot the sea with private villas, while upscale communities boast some of the best landscape design architecture in Dubai. Shared parks and green-ways come together with private garden designs to create an elegant, unique style of landscaping.

landscape design architecture in Dubai

Popular residential design features in Dubai include:

  • Extravagant
    swimming pools
    and outdoor spas;
  • Expansive patio and terrace designs, uniquely planned with elegant pavers and features;
  • Outdoor kitchens and barbecues for year-round backyard entertainment;
  • Functional outdoor lighting systems to maximize the enjoyment of outdoor living;
  • Lush lawns and vibrant, tropical plant life.

Luxurious water features, garden walls and structures, and outdoor furnishings and accessories all play a vital role in upscale landscape designs in the Middle East as well – coming together to create a relaxing, yet sophisticated outdoor living area.


Sustainability’s Role

Contemporary landscape design architecture in Dubai reflects style and class, but sustainability is the central core of modern outdoor architecture in the United Arab Emirates.

landscape design architecture in Dubai

Native plants and trees are incorporated into both residential and commercial design plans to minimize the need for limited natural resources, while drainage and irrigation systems are equally important to ensure low-impact outdoor living.

The key principles in sustainable UAE landscaping create vast opportunity for local businesses throughout the region, promising to boost the Dubai economy in the coming years. Locally sourced materials are critical for everything from garden stones to installation tools and equipment.

landscape design architecture in Dubai

Expert designers with experience in green architecture are also a vital part of the overall plan for sustainable landscaping. This increased attention to detail ensures perfection in new outdoor living designs in every location throughout the area.

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