Creating a Unique Look with
Landscape Design in Sacramento

Considering landscape design in Sacramento is an important step once you purchase a home in California.

You’ll want to make it your own by adding personal touches such as repainting or re-landscaping with the addition of beautiful garden features in order to let it stand out and bring about a breath of fresh air to your home making it uniquely different than the previous owners.

landscape design in Sacramento

Maybe you have purchased a brand new home and are starting from scratch; you will want to do your research when looking at outdoor landscaping options.

The growing trends of today are focusing more on originality and moving away from the cookie-cutter of having the same gardens and landscapes of those neighbors around you.

landscape design in Sacramento

More people are spending time entertaining outdoors rather than inside and a growing trend is to extend the indoors to the outdoors area.

Including features in your landscape design in Sacramento such as lawn ornaments, decorative pots, fountains, stone paths, pools and even ponds are coming more into play when designing a living space outside of your home.

Time is a luxury that many do not have these days. Gone are the times where our mothers took weekends to plant flowers in the gardens and prune bushes and weed the gardens.

landscape design in Sacramento

These days, people want hassle-free landscaping so they can enjoy the beauty of their surroundings without spending a lot of time working on it themselves.

One option many homeowners exercise now is having professional companies come in to do the design and installation for them in order to keep their grounds attractive and free up their time for things like entertaining friends and family.

Communities of Sacramento

As real estate changes each year, so does landscaping needs for those residents in places such as Carmichael, where once farmland on the north side of the American River has changed to a 2-mile long business district. Although the original style of Carmichael is apparent from the palm trees planted in this community, it has grown rapidly over the years.

landscape design in Sacramento

El Dorado Hills was originally a master-planned community dating back to the early 1960s. With the original idea of having villages in these rolling hills, having the correct landscaping is ideal for this area of Sacramento.

Fair Oaks is a community where the mix of suburban and semi-rural neighborhoods is abundant in Sacramento. Here the focus is on family functionality and outdoor landscaping reflects that in many homes. This small town atmosphere in Fair Oaks is welcoming and comfortable for many, landscaping options such as park benches or outdoor swings can be seen in this neighborhood.

Unity and consistency is always important when managing your outdoor landscape design in Sacramento to suit the region in where you live.

You do not want your home or grounds area to look out of place compared to your surroundings.
With so many landscape design ideas to choose from, you are sure to find a landscape design in Sacramento that will suit your new home no matter what area you choose to reside.

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1 Jeannie Hanson September 26, 2012 at 4:19 pm

I am a Sacramento area garden designer, so I spend lots of time evaluating what works in this area (and my own yards). We’re hot dry summer with some rain and variable degrees of frostiness in the winter. We’re a classic Mediterranean climate. Olives, lavenders, rosemary, grapes, tomatoes, all grow well here. Some of our neighborhoods are older with large established trees to provide shade – therefore extending the plant choices. Our neighborhoods are being gradually converted to metered watering and there’s more and more talk of water-wise, river-friendly gardens. The traditional Sacramento front yard had grass, foundation plants and a large shade tree. This is changing with the times. More talk of edibles in the landscape, lawn replacement, reclaimed areas with courtyards or patios.


2 Allen Quay September 26, 2012 at 5:34 pm

Thanks Jeannie for sharing your observations. Certainly the changes that are taking place in your area is a step in the right direction. More and more people today are seeing the value of water-wise gardening.


3 yancey company November 18, 2012 at 4:34 am

Another thanks to Jeannie, good overview on how to take advantage of the downside of metering. I’m going to consider some of your excellent ideas for my own yard.


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