Using Landscape Contractors to Build your Outdoor Haven

Many often do not realize what professional landscape contractors can do to help them improve their property whether it be for residential or commercial projects. Contractors often have qualified landscape architects or garden designers on their staff, they not only install planting materials but also install irrigation systems and hardscape material.

landscape contractors

This includes patios, decks, retaining walls, gazebos and even swimming pools. These all inclusive landscape companies are commonly known as design-build companies. These all inclusive landscape companies are commonly known as design-build firms.

Property owners depend on the knowledge and expertise of a professional landscape contractor who is skilled in executing an architectural plan for a uniform outdoor appearance that actualizes the view the architect and homeowner have envisioned.


Finding a Quality Landscape Contractor

Below you will find invaluable information about choosing the right professional contractor. We are very passionate about landscape design and installation, and are particular about the companies we list as Preferred Pros. So you can be sure that your landscape project will be handled from beginning to end by landscape professionals who are committed to their profession.

You can also locate landscape contractors and other related pros in our classifieds and if your needing 4 quick quotes at no charge, we have compiled a review on the 3 most popular service referral companies available.


Do Your Research

Before you hire any landscape contractor, it is always a good idea to research the company you are considering. Always choose a landscaper that is licensed. This license will assure you that the contractor is knowledgeable, operating legally, and employs staff that have passed examinations demonstrating experience, knowledge and a level of professionalism.

landscape contractors

You will also want to ensure that the contractor you select has a proficient installation team to complete your project according to plan specifications.

Finally, check references and view previous work the firm has done before making a decision.

Make sure that you read and understand the landscape contract and if you have any questions about the contract you shouldn’t hesitate to ask your contractor.

Choose a contractor who is skilled in executing a professional design as well as handling all phases of landscaping with a highly skilled staff that can manage small and large projects with ease.


The Benefits of Using Landscape Contractors

Do-it-yourself landscape design and construction often seems to be a cheaper option than hiring a contractor, but the benefits of using a professional are well worth it. Not only can a landscape contractor save you a lot of time and money, a professionally landscaped yard significantly increases the value of your home, often by as much as 15%.

landscape contractors

A professional landscaper can truly enhance your outdoor living space, as well as your home, with the specialized knowledge they possess.

Be aware of your specific landscaping needs and have a general idea of the look and feel you desire.

Some contractors specialize in hardscape installation, like pavers for drives and beautiful outdoor lighting areas, while others focus on maintaining your outdoor space.

Remember to do your research before hiring a landscaper. You should not only compare the services and price quotes of the contractors you’re considering, you should also take the time to evaluate their mission, their philosophy, and, of course, their portfolio.

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