Understanding Landscape Design Cost

From blossoming fruit trees to retaining walls, your final landscape design cost depends on desired features, production factors, and clever decision-making.

In order to successfully accommodate a budget, space requirements and personal requests – it is recommended to become familiar with the basics of landscape design.

landscape design cost

To get an idea of what to expect, skim a couple of free design plans before approaching a professional in the industry when you wish to enhance the look and atmosphere of your property

Possessing fundamental knowledge of landscape design can save time, money, and unnecessary stress – as you will become better able to communicate your initial vision to professionals.

What Affects Landscape Design Prices?

When it comes to tallying up the final costs associated with landscape plans, size truly matters and the overall size of your property will play an important role. You will also find that many professionals base their design package prices on an average lot size; and later adjust costs to accommodate smaller or larger residences.

landscape design cost

Desired space requirements and location contribute to the landscape design cost.

For example, a concept design plan involving both the front and backyard will certainly cost much more than an English garden plan set for a small corner in your backyard.

The overall complexity and preferred features regarding your outdoor plans increases the landscape design cost of a project. Keep in mind that a professional takes into consideration a variety of factors when creating your personal plan, which includes shade, slope, sunlight, soil conditions, drainage, and level of maintenance.

Whether you prefer a Victorian fountain situated in the middle of your backyard, trendy lighting surrounding an in-ground pool or a three-tiered deck, there are many different options to consider when it comes to uplifting your personal space. The level of intricacy pertaining to the features you select will factor into final costs.

landscape design cost
When gathering information on the variety of design plans offered you will find that the type of landscaping chosen will affect final costs.

For example, the cost to generate a drainage plan will differ from the price of designing a plan for a patio with deck lighting.

A swimming pool plan that recreates the look and feel of Tuscany will cost more than the addition of a flower garden sitting area.

A hardscape plan involving an outdoor kitchen calls for more precision and costly development than adding privacy fencing to a yard.

A Basic Landscape Design Package

The typical landscape design package consists of a detailed plan set. To better accommodate your needs, the plans are often custom drawn and utilize AutoCad – architectural software that helps professionals create impressive 2D and 3D designs. Diagrams are full of details – complete with colorful illustrations, installation remarks, and often times come with supplementary copies of black and white plans.

landscape design cost

In the end, it is also important to note that the landscape design cost of a project usually does not incorporate the value of materials or the price to actually install the plan.

These particular details are included in the landscape installation cost.

Securing finance for a landscape design and construction loan is a convenient way to build the perfect outdoor space to complement your home.

Instead of settling for less or doing several smaller projects over the course of time, you can have the outdoor space of your dreams completed and ready for your enjoyment.

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