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by John Feldman (Santa Monica, CA)

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Led by award-winning landscape architect John Feldman, Ecocentrix is a Los Angeles based design collective that strives to enhance living through the art of landscape design.

From contemporary to traditional, Ecocentrix creates mood altering outdoor spaces that complement a range of design styles. John and his team mesh the beauty of nature with the intrigue of constructed form to produce landscapes designed for luxury living.

About John Feldman

John Feldman’s extensive background in landscape architecture includes a diverse combination of educational experiences, journeys of self-discovery, and collaboration with other industry leaders. The relationship between the natural environment and urban architecture, and the impact society and culture have on that union, has fueled John’s exploration of landscape design. His field experience includes international design projects, construction administration, estate design planning, and an assortment of commercial and residential projects.

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Design Philosophy

At Ecocentrix, a landscape design is much more than the outdoor portion of a property. The landscaping is the perfect backdrop to the culture and lifestyles that exist in the space. Like an artist creating his masterpiece, the landscape architect adds color, light, and texture through the use of both natural and synthetic materials. Plants, natural rock and water gardens, contemporary pools, and functional structures come together to create a place like no other – a place where human and non-human life interact in perfect harmony.


The Ecocentrix design team consists of some of the most talented professionals in the field. This collaboration of creativity and expertise results in innovative solutions and unique perspectives that allow coexistence between nature and man. Design specialties include:

  • Master planned communities
  • Retail establishments
  • Public spaces and streetscapes
  • Educational facilities
  • Museums
  • Estate landscaping
  • Residential designs
  • Multifamily housing communities
  • Sustainable landscape architecture
  • Green walls and vertical gardens

A residential resort and luxury living design collective, Ecocentrix creates landscape designs that are a unique fusion of nature, culture, and modern living. Led by the expertise and passion of an award winning landscape architect, Ecocentrix serves Southern California and Hawaii.

EcocentrixPreferred Pro
1223 Wilshire Blvd. #874
Santa Monica, CA 90403
United States

Service Area: Orange County, Los Angeles County

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