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by Bob Kelly (Winter Garden, FL)

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Front Yard Landscape Lighting

A licensed Florida contractor (#ES12000618), Elegant Custom Images landscape lighting specialist who designs, installs, and maintains high-quality landscape lighting systems in the Central Florida region.

Bob Kelly and his team create unique lighting plans that are customized to meet the needs and desires of each client, while also enhancing the individual beauty of their property. ECI specializes in versatile lighting systems that can change with the landscape.
From magical marine lighting along boat docks and piers in Riomar Bay to subtle mood lighting for backyard entertaining in Orlando, outdoor lighting in Florida is designed to serve many purposes. Elegant Custom Images can help you create a lighting plan that fulfills your needs while enhancing the beauty of your property.

A Few Words From Owner Bob Kelly

‘There are so many different things to consider when you add a lighting design to a landscape. It’s really not as simple as it seems,’ says Bob Kelly with Elegant Custom Images in Florida. ‘Once the purpose of the lighting is defined, you need to determine the effect it should have on the property and the best techniques to achieve it. Then there’s material selection. These details are just in the design phase; installation is a whole new game.’

Some Florida homeowners add landscape lighting to their properties for safety and security reasons. Others integrate outdoor lighting so they can enjoy their landscape design after dark. And some use lighting to add elegance to their home when the sun goes down. Most Florida landscape lighting systems are designed to serve a combination of these functions.

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Whether it’s pathway lighting, poolside illumination, or stylish lanterns for a patio, landscape lighting designs should complement the atmosphere of the outdoor space and enhance the surrounding beauty. ‘The trick to creating a clean, crisp look after dark is to get just the right amount of lighting,’ says Bob.

‘A poorly lit home looks dull and drab. On the other hand, a house with too much lighting may be mistaken for Disney World! Somewhere in the middle is a luminescent masterpiece that magnifies the beauty of a property.’

Bob’s primary focus is on understanding the needs and desires of the homeowner. He and his team then determine the best techniques and materials for those effects and use them to create an awe-inspiring nightscape.

‘Shadows are very important in landscape lighting designs. The right bulb, proper placement, and the correct beam spread can really make a home standout,’ says Bob.

‘The quality of the materials, the precision of the installation, and the maintenance of an outdoor lighting system will determine how durable and long lasting it is, as well as its efficiency and attractiveness,’ states Bob.

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Elegant Custom Images is known throughout Florida for designing, installing, and maintaining high-quality Orlando landscape lighting systems.

Bob and the ECI team strive to provide their clients with a diverse selection of high-end quality products in an affordable price range and include a 25-year warranty on every product, including fixtures and transformers.

When installing an outdoor lighting design, ECI pays close attention to every detail. High-quality heavy gauge wiring is used, along with corrosion-resistant stainless steel transformers, allowing the system to grow with the landscaping.

The fixtures are installed so that the proper voltage is maintained for each bulb, and the level of brightness is balanced throughout the landscape design.

ECI has served Central Florida for more than 10 years and has achieved recognition as one of the top 5 landscape lighting companies in the Southeastern US. Providing their clients with friendly, personalized service, as well as a great value, are the primary goals of Bob and his team. Elegant Custom Images is a licensed Florida landscape lighting contractor (#ES12000618).

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