Finding a Landscape Architecture Internship | Strategies for Cold Calling

by Allen Quay

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So you’ve read my previous article and have done tons and tons of networking and now your ready for the next step… cold calling. Cold calling can often work to your advantage to find a landscape architecture internship.

As part of your 3 step process you want to occasionally and very selectively call places that for whatever reason… it may be based on a conversation or you got a heads up that a certain firm is hiring college students to do stuff that they don’t want to do.

Then you go to the website of such an organization and you read about what they do and you think… “This could be a good place for me!” But there’s no posting anywhere and you don’t really even have a connection so you call them up and say “I go to such and such a college and I want to work here. Who can I speak to about that?” Although you really wouldn’t say it that way. You would instead find a professional polite way to say it.

Here are some tips that will help you when cold calling:

Five Tips for Cold Calling About a Job | by Josie Chun

Making cold calls about a job can be very daunting for many people – you feel like a pest and it’s hard to phone someone out of the blue when they haven’t advertised a job opening – but cold calls can be an effective way of making contacts and tapping into the hidden job market. All the usual rules of making job calls apply, but cold calls come with their own set of guidelines.

1. Find companies you would like to work for

Research companies and find ones you would particularly like to work for. Choose companies not just for the industry but because they have the right culture for your personality and working style, and would appreciate someone with your skills and abilities. Also choose companies that would offer good career progression and training.

Read 4 more tips here!


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