Garden Art Placement Techniques

by Diane Mettler

in Landscape Design

Large yellow garden sculpture in low planting bed

When it comes to placing yard garden art in your yard, there are no hard and fast rules. It’s a matter of finding a place that shows it off and works for you. To help you make some decisions, here are just a few tips for making your yard art really stand out.

• Consider the view from inside. If you enjoy your garden art, considering placing it where you can see it from inside your house, as well as from the yard.

• Create drama. We have a 10-foot Bigfoot sculpture that we have tucked back in the woods. We can see it from the house, but enjoy the surprise on peoples’ faces when they come up on it.

Large mirrored garden obelisk set in topiary garden

• Think reflection. If you have a piece of glass art, it would be ideal to place it where it can receive some light or near water. Reflection of the glass off the water or light reflecting through the glass gives your sculpture an extra punch.

• Cover bare or ugly spots. If you have a bare or ugly spot in the yard that you’d like to hide, consider instead making it a focal point with a piece of sculpture or topiary.

• Move it around. Most garden art is mobile. Don’t feel like if you pick a spot the sculpture has to remain there forever. In fact, moving yard art around can provide an easy facelift for your landscape.

• Add punctuation. If you have a spot in your yard that is all one color or maybe you have a fence that creates a monotonous line, art can break up lines and create splashes of color.

• Know how your art will age and place accordingly. You probably paid a fair price for your art, so you’ll want to make sure it stays looking great. To do so, pick spots where your art will age well. For example, if you have a copper sculpture and don’t want it to eventually have a green patina, place it out of the rain.

• Keep away from pet runs. Pets, especially dogs, don’t know the difference between a bush and an expensive piece of art. To be on the safe side, try to keep from placing your art near areas that they play.

These are only suggestions. Be creative and have fun!

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