Houston Landscape Design Creating Luxurious Southern Living

by Allen Quay

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Houston landscape design reflects the natural beauty and cultural diversity of the south. Like many Texas landscapes, including gardens in Austin and Dallas, outdoor spaces in Houston are inspired by the elegance and charm of southern living, and are often created for backyard entertaining.

There are many things to consider when you plan your Houston landscaping. The foundation to any effective landscape design is the right garden style.  Most Houston landscape architects work with a variety of outdoor styles and themes to complement the broad range of architectural styles in the area.

Sprawling estate gardens with an informal, yet sophisticated feel are quite common around the stately mansions of River Oaks, while California-inspired outdoor spaces are frequently seen surrounding historic Shadyside homes.

The right garden style will create a cohesion between the home and the landscaping, but it will also reflect the personal tastes and desires of the homeowner.

Mediterranean landscape designs, English gardens, and outdoor spaces with southwestern style are all popular in Houston. Discuss your ideas with a Houston landscape contractor to explore the best garden styles for your landscape design.

Popular Outdoor Elements

After choosing a garden style that suits the design of your home as well as your personal preferences, you should think about how your outdoor space will be used.

From playgrounds and recreation areas to outdoor rooms and entertaining venues, there are a variety of ways to turn your outdoor space into a personalized backyard retreat for you and your family.

Some of the best Houston landscape design ideas feature:

• Water features: Exquisite water fountains are a prominent part of Houston landscaping, especially in communities with acreage like historic Broadacres. Wall fountains, waterfalls, and koi ponds are common in modern landscaping and are often seen in communities like Piney Point Village and Hunter’s Creek.

• Swimming pools: The hot, humid summer days in Houston demand a landscape design centered around an outdoor spa for escape. Pools are often custom designed by a Houston landscape architect to best meet the needs of the homeowner.

• Outdoor living rooms: Backyard gatherings are possible year round in Texas so areas for lounging, dining, or watching movies are often an essential part of an outdoor design in Houston.

• Covered patios: Overhead shade structures also a popular choice and provide shade from the heat or shelter from a sudden storm.

• Outdoor kitchens: Often integrated into an outdoor living room, outdoor kitchens are a must in Houston landscape design. From simple barbecue grills to built-in islands with all of the conveniences of the indoors, there’s many options to meet your needs.

Plants for Houston Landscaping

Refreshing pools and functional patios make a landscape design more enjoyable, but plants and trees are the elements that make an outdoor space beautiful.

The overall design style will play an important role in determining the best types of plants, followed closely by the desires and tastes of the homeowner. Many Houston residents integrate several native plant varieties into their landscaping.
Native shrubs and trees, like the brilliant Eastern Redbud or the elegant Parsley Hawthorne, not only require little to no maintenance to thrive, they also encourage wildlife to frequent the outdoor space.

From modern landscape designs with creative custom swimming pools to sprawling country estate gardens, Houston landscape design is quite diverse. Regardless of the garden style, or the features and plants within the design, outdoor spaces in this Texas town are created to enjoy outdoor living.


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