How To Grow Flowers in the Winter

by Allen Quay

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Think you can’t grow flowers in the winter. Think again! In this informative video, Allen Smith shares his secret on enjoying paper white flowers all winter long.

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Here’s a video transcript:

How about a flower you can grow in the winter with beautiful fragrance and flowers.  There’s all kinds of winter projects you can do to bring life or a little bit of the garden into the home.  One of the simplest is just to take a flower bulb like one of these [amazon_link id=”B002PP2QFK” target=”_blank” ]paper white narcissus[/amazon_link] and grow them into something gorgeous and fragrant.

You know what’s interesting about paper white flowers, is you can grow them as long as you give them a little water and a little light.  What I’m talking about here is once you apply water to whatever medium that are growing them in… whether its soil like this or gravel or just water alone they will begin to germinate and bloom within 6 weeks. You want to make sure that the temperature for paper whites are between 65 and 77  degrees and you don’t want to keep them in direct sunlight.

I like to grow them in many different ways. I like to mass them into a big garden planter bowl like you see here growing in soil or you can take a bulb and drop it into a [amazon_link id=”B001MX2HO6″ target=”_blank” ]glass bud vase[/amazon_link] and add a little water you can even pour some gavel over the top and that flower will grow right out of the top and bloom.

[pullquote]They’re really indestructible… you see what’s great about paperwhite bulbs is that the flower is already in the bulb.[/pullquote]They’re really indestructible… you see what’s great about paperwhite bulbs is that the flower is already in the bulb. I’m going to sacrifice this one to show you the baby flower.  You see there’s the embryo of that flower and all you have to do is get some moisture, the temperature I just described, some sunlight and it will begin to grow the flower for you.

Now one thing you can do is take these, plant them in containers and stage them. If you keep them slightly cooler your going to slowdown the growth. What I like to do is plant them on the weekend in two or three containers and stagger them as I bring them in the house. Keep them in a cool area like the garage and bring them into the house where the temperature is about 65-75° range so you can have sequential blooms all the way through the winter. Make sure you [amazon_link id=”B005WXWXF0″ target=”_blank” ]buy plenty of bulbs[/amazon_link] and keep them in storage in the refrigerator.

Now one last point, if you store them in the refrigerator you wanna make sure that they’re not in contact with apples or produce they give off ethylene gas because that little embryo I showed you will be destroyed by that gas so to keep your paper white bulbs or any other bulbs for that matter in the refrigerator were they are alone and isolated, they are going to do much better for you.

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