How to Update Your Home Decor with Asian Interior Design

by Danielle Bullard

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asian dining room with two low tables and floor cushions

Asian interior design is a style that takes inspiration from the different cultures of the continent. It can be influenced by Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Filipino, Vietnamese and other Asian cultures and countries. Asian interior design often influences modern design to create the most calming and serene spaces. If you are looking to integrate Asian interior design into your home, here are a couple of ideas to bring the overall Asian feel into any room.

Exactly What is Asian Interior Design?

Asian interior design is wide-ranging and can be influenced by any of the countries in the dynamic continent. The most influential aspects of Asian design in the West come from Japan, China and Thailand. Modern design takes much of its inspiration from Asian interiors because of the sleek simplicity of the space, which utilizes the idea of Zen, a Buddhist perception that means to achieve enlightenment through peace and tranquility.

Another design inspiration of Asian interiors taken specifically from the Chinese is called Feng Shui. This method considers the arrangement of furniture within a room as well as spaces to achieve the proper flow of good energy. A strong relationship with nature is apparent within Asian designs. The spaces must be harmonious with nature, and many materials that are used within the interior are stone and wood.

Ways of Bringing Asian Design into Your Home

Arrangement ā€“ Though your furniture may not exactly be Asian-chic, you can incorporate Asian design into the way your furniture is arranged. In the Zen style, all clutter is hidden, and peace and serenity must flow through the space. To reach this style, do not overcrowd your rooms with unnecessary furniture.

You can also attempt to arrange your space with Feng Shui in mind. This is based on the premise that people, places and things have energy. You will accomplish Feng Shui by arranging items in a way that allows energy to flow freely between the objects.

Accents ā€“ A space can hint at Asian design through the inclusion of art and sculptures from the continent. You can incorporate prayer beads and a Buddha sculpture to decorate your space. Demonstrate Asian design through your choice of bedding, throw pillows and rugs. Dressing your windows can be simple by using clean cut bamboo shades. You can also incorporate a few furnishings that have Asian influences, such as rattan furniture, one of the latest trends in interior decoration.

Use of Natural Materials ā€“ If you want your space to convey an Asian theme, then the use of natural materials is a must. You can use wood, bamboo or even stone on your floors. Attain the effect of a continuous flow by having the exterior materials of your house flow into the interior space. Do not be afraid to use stone inside your home. A beautiful interior stone wall can become the focal point of any room. A great way to find ideas is to browse magazines or the Internet, taking cues from top quality Asian-themed homes. Wood floors and walls are often seen in Asian design, as well as stone fireplaces and sinks. Also for a less expensive and quick wall treatment option consider using the latest wallpaper fads.

There is no one way to integrate Asian design into a space. Start off with a few of these ideas and take inspiration from picture books and design blogs. With a little bit of creativity and ingenuity, you are sure to find a seamless integration of Asian design into your home.

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