Create Backyard Landscape Design for Relaxation and Entertaining

Modern backyard landscape design takes the traditional, simple lawn and extends the enjoyable living space of your home into the natural appeal of the outdoors. Today’s outdoor living spaces incorporate all the elements of indoor living, from purposeful living areas to detailed accents, to create a true estate home that is enjoyable throughout.

backyard landscape design

The most important thing to remember when designing your outdoor living space is to blend the look and feel of your home’s interior into the exterior.

Choose a garden style that complements the style of your home and integrate the same color scheme, furniture style, and even add similar outdoor accessories.

Another way to define the unity between the inside of your home and your backyard landscape design is to connect the two with entrance ways.

A kitchen doorway may provide access to a sunny terrace with a fresh herb garden or the dining room could extend to an outdoor eating area. Consider connecting your bedroom to a romantic, fragrant flower garden.

Look for ways that you can creatively transition to the backyard from your home’s existing doorways and passages. Gather ideas from what your neighbors have done or better yet study numerous examples of backyard ideas to see how they can apply to your home.

Extending Home Life by Creating Outdoor Rooms

Just like the inside of your home, your outdoor space should have designated areas for the many different things you and your family may do, from hobbies and relaxing to entertaining and recreation. Decorate your outdoor rooms just like you would the interior of your home, with fine patio furniture, weatherproof accessories, and integrate the same overall color scheme.

backyard landscape design

Consider these outdoor room and living area options:

  • Dining areas and outdoor kitchens are common elements of a modern backyard landscape design. This may be as simple as a grill and picnic table or as elaborate as a custom outdoor kitchen with stainless steel accessories and fine patio furniture.
  • Outdoor living rooms can serve many purposes and many upscale homes incorporate more than one outdoor living area to serve these functions. Plan this living space with consideration to the time of day it will be used and the amount of sunlight desired. These areas can be used for relaxing, lounging, entertaining, and even recreation and may integrate interesting decks, beautiful patios, or terraces into the design plan.
  • Outdoor areas designated for recreation will depend on the hobbies and interests of you and your family. Swimming pools, outdoor spas, workshops, and backyard sports areas are all possibilities and can be tastefully integrated into your backyard landscape design.
  • Living spaces designed specifically for sitting, lounging, or simply enjoying the beauty of the garden are equally important. These areas are often centered around a focal point of your landscape design, like a fountain, pond, or sculpture and are usually accented with comfortable seating.


Tip: Maintaining your landscaping can be rather time consuming, consider artificial turf to create a beautiful setting for your landscaping with little to no maintenance.


Creating Indoor Comfort With
Outdoor Accessories

backyard landscape design

The typical modern backyard landscape design truly reflects the comforts and beauty of luxurious indoor living right in the natural elements of the outdoors. There are a number of accessories designed to resist rain, sun, and other weather conditions that are traditionally found on the interior of the home.

• Fine patio furniture is an excellent way to add comfort and style to your outdoor living area. From luxurious teak dining sets, traditional tables and chairs to more contemporary outdoor couches and weather-resistant recliners, outdoor furniture is a necessity.

• Outdoor Rugs add safety as well as beauty to your outdoor area. Select colors and designs that blend with the rest of your outdoor design. Bright, vibrant colors are often an appreciated contrast to the neutral, cold hues of outdoor flooring.

backyard landscape design

• Curtains, shades, and other privacy accessories are designed for outdoor use as well.

  • Candles, artistic wall hangings, and throw pillows are among a few of the accessories you can find designed for outdoor use.

There are many other decorative accents found on the inside of your home that can add comfort and personality to your backyard landscape design as well.

Incorporate your own personal tastes into your outdoor living space with your favorite patterns incorporated into furniture and accessories, unique water features,  and majestic wind chimes.

Lighting in Your Outdoor Living Area

Just like indoors, lighting options are a great way to create the right ambiance and atmosphere in your outdoor rooms. The romantic flicker of candles is a backyard landscape design favorite, but there are several other possibilities to consider as well.

Most modern homes feature convenient outdoor electrical outlets that are ideal for the many different styles of outdoor lamps currently available. Choose lamps that match your outdoor design style, blending with the colors and decor inside your home.

backyard landscape design


  • Custom lighting design plans that incorporate just the right amount of light throughout your yard are also popular.
  • Outdoor lanterns, lighting along walkways, and cozy outdoor fireplaces are other options.

Creating an outdoor living area can be as simple or as complicated as your home, budget, and tastes allow.

It is important to remember that your landscape is an extension of your home and should reflect a similar style and appearance. The best backyard landscape design is a plan that allows you and your family to enjoy the beauty of nature and your favorite outdoor activities, while adding function and value to your property.

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