Creative Landscape Design for Backyard Entertainment

A landscape design for backyard entertainment makes your outdoor living space an enjoyable and functional part of your home. Backyard entertaining is often the highlight of the summer season. With the right landscaping, you can create an outdoor haven that promises year-round fun and relaxation for your family and guests.

landscape design for backyard entertainment

Consider Your Wants and Needs

The perfect landscape design is one that caters specifically to the desires and demands of you and your family. The first step in planning is to determine the most important elements of your outdoor space.

Depending on the size and layout of your property, you may decide to include play areas for pets or children, a private backyard retreat for relaxing, or just a simple patio to entertain friends. Besides the amount of space you have available and the general layout of your home and yard, you will also want to consider the garden style you prefer, any hardscapes that may be required, and the locations of plants and trees within your landscape design.

Options for a Landscape Design for Backyard Entertainment

If backyard entertaining will be the primary purpose of your outdoor living area, there are a few essentials that must be included:

landscape design for backyard entertainment

Relaxing – You’ll also want to have an area where you and your guests can simply sit back and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Depending on your personal interests, this may be a swimming pool, jacuzzi, or a cozy sitting area with outdoor furniture and warm accessories.
Outdoor Kitchen – From simple to gourmet, an outdoor space for cooking is important when you’re entertaining. Pizza ovens, outdoor refrigerators, and built-in stoves are options you may consider.

Dining – Whether your typical gathering is a handful or a houseful, a comfortable and convenient place to eat is a must. A small terrace near the kitchen is perfect for a patio table or you may want to designate a grassy area in the open for larger dining arrangements.

Outdoor Lighting is another important piece of a functional landscape design for backyard entertainment, especially if you plan to hold outdoor events after the sun sets. Pathway lighting, outdoor lamps, and elegant candles are possibilities that can create the right setting for evening entertaining. 

Accessories are equally essential and can give your outdoor living space personality and flair.

Creating Your Own Backyard Landscape Design

landscape design for backyard entertainment

Once you’ve determined the right elements to include in your outdoor area, it’s time to put your ideas and desires in place.

Using a scaled drawing of your backyard, pencil in locations of dining areas, flower beds, terraces, and other spaces. Also make note of lighting, wiring, and irrigation systems.

Visit our landscape planning pages on more ideas for getting started.

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