How to Create a Fun Backyard Landscape Design for Sports and Games

Creating a backyard landscape design that is fun, functional, and stylish is often the most difficult part of planning your outdoor space. Areas for sports and games are important backyard features for many families.

Backyard Landscape Design

Croquet goes back to France during the 1300’s, it was called ‘paille-maille’ which means ball-mallet. It originated as an indoor version of lawn bowling to be played during winter months. Players enjoyed it so much that they brought it back outside in the summer months.

With careful planning, these recreation areas can be integrated into a beautiful and cohesive landscape design that suits your home as well as your lifestyle.

There are several factors that will influence your backyard landscape design. The amount of available space, the terrain, slopes in the yard, drainage issues, and similar concerns will play a significant role in your planning. Most importantly, you should consider the types of sports and games that your family would most enjoy.

Backyard Sports Courts

Backyard Landscape Design

Whether for tennis, basketball, or bocce ball, backyard sports courts can provide hours of enjoyment.

Armani? Prada? Bocce? The hottest playground of the rich these days is the Italian export Bocce Ball! Bocce, was originally the pastime of elderly Italian gentlemen with time to spare, but lately the old game has learned a few new tricks primarily in our own backyards!

Modern court designs allow these game areas to be attractively integrated into your backyard landscaping, often featuring sophisticated paneling and fencing, perimeter plantings, and creative lighting techniques. Keep in mind, even small-scale sports courts require plenty of flat, open space and should ideally be placed several feet away from your home.


Horseshoes and Croquet

Both of these classic backyard games are easy to implement in lawns of any size. Very little space is needed and the equipment can be easily stored when not in use. At least 40-feet of level space should be adequate. Horseshoe pits may be permanently set into the ground, or consider a game kit with mounted stakes for occasional play.

Frisbee and Frisbee Golf

From basic throw and catch to an intriguing twist on baseball, there are dozens of Frisbee games that can be enjoyed in yards of all sizes without the need for permanent equipment that may distract from your backyard landscape design. Frisbee golf has become an extremely popular sport and several sets are available for backyard fun.

Backyard Landscape Design

Miniature Golf

Depending on your available space and your budget, a backyard miniature golf course could be an excellent addition to your landscape design. Natural areas with lush vegetation, water features, and whimsical outdoor accessories can come together in a creative display that will provide endless putting enjoyment to all ages.

For a quality finished look we suggest working with a professional. There are unlimited possibilities for your backyard, from full-scale courses to smaller versions designed specifically for your available resources. Driving ranges and putting greens are also popular backyard sports that require less space within your landscape design.

Badminton and Volleyball

Backyard Landscape Design

Backyard games like badminton and volleyball also require a large, unobstructed area, but are much more versatile than sports courts.

Either game can be setup in a grassy area of your backyard,but can also be easily taken down if the lawn is needed for other purposes.

Larger backyards can accommodate more permanent courts. Sandy areas for beach ball volleyball are a popular option, especially for those who enjoy backyard entertaining.

From complex, permanent creations to versatile lawn space and portable equipment, backyard landscape designs that feature sports and game areas offer an outdoor setting that is fun and functional without lacking in beauty and style.

Do you have a favorite game that we didn’t cover? Please let us know by submitting a comment below!

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