Creating Your Private Garden with Courtyard Landscape Design

Many houses are built around an inner courtyard that connects to every room of the house. Courtyards included in the interior design of a home are ideal for a secluded, private outdoor living area but these elegant garden traditions can be recreated in any home, regardless of the layout and size.

Planning Your Courtyard

If your home doesn’t include a courtyard within the design, you can easily create one with a little planning. A courtyard is simply an enclosed space designed for enjoyable outdoor living.

Whether you’re creating an entry courtyard to invite guests into your home or connecting the enclosed patio to the back of your home, the remaining walls can be formed by fencing, hedges, or garden walls. Choosing the right materials for these boundaries will blend your courtyard with the rest of your landscape design.

After deciding on the location and planning the walls, consider the size of the courtyard and think about the purposes it will serve. Large courtyards can consist of dining areas, spots for recreation, and much more. Whatever the size, an intriguing focal point that complements your overall garden style should be integrated into a prominent area of your courtyard landscape design. Fountains, sculptures, and delicate flower beds can all create pleasing focal points.

Materials and Accessories for Courtyards

The elements within your courtyard should blend with the rest of your home.Use materials and accessories that are similar to others in your design to create the outdoor living area that is right for you. Pathways, outdoor furniture, and other items in your courtyard landscape design should enhance the overall theme of your home.

courtyard landscape designThe look and feel of the entry courtyard adds to the overall atmosphere of your outdoor space. This area should be intriguing and inviting, directing guests toward the interior courtyard with flower-lined paths and colorful accents. The inner courtyard may feature an overhead structure to provide a more comfortable environment. Stone columns, wooden beams, or flowering trellises can enhance the private, enclosed atmosphere of your courtyard.

Other common outdoor features to consider for your courtyard landscape design include:

  • An adequate drainage system to prevent erosion and unhealthy plant life.
  • Outdoor lighting to make your courtyard functional any time of day.
  • A variety of trees, flowers, and shrubs that complement the rest of the plants within your landscape design.

Courtyards for Small Yards

Limited outdoor space is becoming more and more common in today’s neighborhoods. A small yard doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the beauty of a courtyard.

Consider these landscaping techniques if you’re designing a courtyard for a small yard:

  • Plant seasonal flowers in light shades of blue and green to create a more open appearance.
  • Raised flower beds can add dimension to your courtyard.
  • Design walkways and beds with straight lines and clean angles for an uncluttered look.
  • Select a single focal point and keep large features like water gardens  and sculptures to a minimum.


courtyard landscape design

Courtyards add an elegant flair to any landscape design, regardless of the amount of space available.

From vast terraces spanning several acres to secluded patios extending from the kitchen, there are a variety of courtyard landscape design ideas that can make your outdoor space more enjoyable.

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