Once your plants are placed in your terrarium, you just need a little maintenance to keep it looking beautiful and healthy. Remember that because you want to keep your plants small, you should not add fertilizer.

Light and water are two essential elements in the success of your terrarium. These little gardens grow and survive well in indirect sunlight and require little watering. Within your home, place the terrarium in a bright area with lots of indirect lighting. If you see your plants start to brown, they could be getting too much light and should be moved.

Besides proper lighting, terrariums need a proper amount of moisture as well. Since they are essentially self-contained ecosystems, thus recycling their own water, you should not have to water very frequently. Sometimes you can go without watering for months at a time. However, when it is time to add extra moisture, use a spoon, eyedropper or a water sprayer to help against over watering. If you see excess water on the sides or bottom of your terrarium, open the container and allow some time for it to dry.

Finally, remember to prune your plants to keep them at your desired size. You also will want to remove any dead plants, algae or fungus that might gather in your terrarium. You want it to remain healthy so therefore it needs to remain clean.

These are just some tips you can use to keep your terrariums looking spectacular. However, every terrarium is different; the plants used vary, thus causing the proper maintenance and care to vary as well.