Selecting the Proper BBQ Grill Accessories for Landscape Design

There are a number of different accessories that can make your outdoor kitchen more functional while adding a decorative touch. Outdoor kitchen accessories are also the best way to blend your landscape with the style of your home.

bbq grill accessories for landscape design

Here’s an important tip:

Be sure to purchase your barbeque equipment well before your landscape construction starts to assure that you have your chosen items ready for your landscape contractor to install, this will eliminate any delay in your project.



Built In Grill Accessories

Similar to barbeque grills, your accessories are often integrated into an outdoor kitchen much like your cooking area inside. Here are a number of different bbq grill accessories for landscape design that can make your barbecue area more enjoyable:

bbq grill accessories for landscape design

• Side burners make it possible to prepare a full meal without going back inside your house. Whether you need a single extra burner or the power of an outdoor stove, side burners can be easily integrated into your plans.

• A food warmer is an excellent grill accessory for large gatherings. An integrated warmer can also keep meats warm while the bread or side dishes are on the grill.

• Pizza ovens add a Tuscan flair to your barbecue area and provide a fun and tasty cooking option for a traditional family favorite. Fresh pizza baking in an outdoor oven will fill the air with the rich smells of Italian cuisine while adding a rustic, Old World touch to your outdoor design.

bbq grill accessories for landscape design
• Storage is an essential part of any well-designed kitchen. Cooking in the outdoors is no different. Built-in cabinets and storage drawer options can provide space for grill accessories as well as food.

• Refrigeration is equally important. Bars with integrated refrigerators, beer taps, and even wine coolers can make your outdoor kitchen more entertaining.

Exquisite countertops will make your outdoor barbecue even more functional and can accent the overall style of your home. Other BBQ grill accessories for landscape design that can be incorporated include dishwashers, trash chutes, and other outdoor appliances that bring the convenience of the indoors outside.

Accessories for Grilling


bbq grill accessories for landscape design

Cooking utensils and accessories for meal preparation are essential. A long handled metal spatula and barbecue tongs and forks will help turn foods on your barbecue grill, while a basting brush is important for adding sauces and marinades. You may find a meat thermometer helpful, as well as pot holders and oven mitts.

You can purchase everything you need in this easy carry case like the one pictured here.



Other Grill Accessories to Consider

Keeping your outdoor kitchen area clean is easy with the right accessories. A grill scraper and a heavy duty degreaser are essential bbq grill accessories for landscape design.

bbq grill accessories for landscape design

You may also want a bottle opener, a cooking apron, a good cook book or two, a protective cover and a fire extinguisher.

Unless you choose a BBQ grill with an automatic ignition, matches or a grill lighter should be kept nearby, as well as plenty of extra fuel.

These are only a few of the many different BBQ grill accessories for landscape design currently available. From storage to counter space, you can enjoy gourmet cooking and the beauty of the outdoors with the right accessories.

Your outdoor kitchen can be as simple or elaborate as your space and budget allow. Plan a setup that will meet your grilling needs, choose the right grill and don’t forget the essential grill accessories. BBQ grill accessories for landscape design are one of the best ways to make your outdoor space more functional.

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