Choosing the Right BBQ Grill

How to select BBQ grills is the topic of this discussion. And it is an important one because the grill is the foundation for beautiful outdoor kitchens and is an integral part of outdoor entertaining.

BBQ grills for landscape design

There are a variety of BBQ grills for landscape design available and just as many accessories to make cooking outdoors easier.

Whether you plan on grilling for a few friends or hosting an outdoor barbecue for fifty, choosing the right grill is extremely important.

Determining Your Ideal BBQ Grill

Choosing the best BBQ grills for landscape design will depend on many different factors. You want a grill that fits your budget and meets your needs, while complementing the look and feel of your landscape design. We’ve listed many top brands in our Outdoor Kitchen Store like Viking, Lynx, Fire Magic, DCS, OCI and Alfresco. If you are looking for good lower priced grills, we would recommend Weber, Bull and Napoleon.

Whatever brand you choose, there are four things to consider:

1. Deciding on the right size BBQ grills for landscape design – First, you should think about where your outdoor grill will be located. A small enclosed patio will require a grill that conserves space, while a large open area for your outdoor kitchen area can make use of a much bigger barbecue grill.

BBQ grills for landscape design

The amount of food you plan to cook is equally influential. Choose a size with a large enough cooking surface to handle your typical outdoor grilling needs.

If you will generally be cooking for your immediate family, but may occasionally host events to feed a larger crowd, it would be best to select a size that will meet your family and entertainment needs.

If you have an average size family, we suggest choosing around a 36″ grill for your outdoor kitchen. We also recommend getting it equipped with a Rotisserie for lager cuts of meat. This size has proven the most popular with our visitors like the [amazon_link id=”B007TTDBKG” target=”_blank” ]36″ Free Standing Grill with ProSear Burner and Rotisserie[/amazon_link] shown here.

However, if you plan on frequently entertaining large groups of people then we would recommend moving up to as high as a 54″ grill like the [amazon_link id=”B007TTDDHW” target=”_blank” ]54″ Free Standing Grill with ProSear Burner and Rotisserie[/amazon_link]. The main thing to remember here is to make sure you purchase a grill large enough to accommodate your families needs as well as your invited guests.

2. Choosing the right features for your BBQ grill – Today’s selection of BBQ grills for landscape design have just as many features to choose from as sizes. Before shopping for your grill, decide which features you will need the most.

BBQ grills for landscape design

Here are a list of features to consider…

  • Infrared burners to assist in searing the meat’s outer surface which will lock in the juices.
  • Side burners are a convenient way to cook items like beans, corn or lobster.
  • The burner design varies from model to model but are designed to maximize the grills BTU output and performance.
  • Look for heavy-duty stainless steel cooking grids that provide years of easy maintenance.
  • Some grills come with vaporizer panels that provide optimum heat output and even heat distribution throughout the grilling surface. They act to vaporize drippings from the food being cooked, adding succulent barbecue flavor and aroma.
  • There are several other features like drip trays, heat indicators, double wall hoods, grill covers and solid brass valves that can make outdoor cooking much more enjoyable and practical.



3. Choosing the type of grill – Will you be purchasing a built in grill as pictured above to be installed into an outdoor kitchen counter. Or is it going to be a freestanding grill you’ll using? Also will the grill be using propane, natural gas or charcoal?

4. Finding the right look for your outdoor kitchen – BBQ grills for landscape design should complement the overall style of your outdoor area, as well as that of
your home. Select a color, finish, and style that suits your design.

Purchasing Your BBQ Grill

Once you have an idea of what you need, it’s time to start shopping but keep this important tip in mind…make sure you purchase your barbecue equipment before your landscape construction starts to make sure that you have your chosen items ready for your landscape contractor to install, this eliminates any delay in your project.

When it comes to BBQ grills for landscape design, your outdoor kitchen can be as simple or elaborate as your space and budget will allow. Choose equipment that will meet your grilling needs.

Barbeque grills are one of the best ways to make your outdoor space more functional. Choosing the right grill and other outdoor kitchen accessories can truly enhance your backyard entertaining experience.

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