Landscape Design for Swimming Pools and Spas

Properly done landscape design for swimming pools provides a relaxing and refreshing recreation area for your family and friends. There are endless possibilities for a unique garden design that showcases the beauty of your home.

landscape design for swimming pools

Swimming pools are elegant, fun, and can add a great deal of value to your property. There are many reasons today’s homeowners choose to design their landscape to include a swimming pool.

Swimming is an excellent pastime. Pools can be fun and relaxing, creating a refreshing opportunity for entertaining outdoors.

Swimming is also terrific exercise. A pool is a great addition to your home fitness center.

A landscaped swimming pool can beautifully complement the design of your home.

Creating the Right Landscape Design for Swimming Pools

There are numerous options when it comes to selecting a landscape design for swimming pools – from the material used to create the pool (concrete, fiberglass or vinyl) to the extras, such as lighting and pool heating. You will want to think about your family’s enjoyment and safety foremost.

landscape design for swimming pools

You will also need to consider the amount of space you can dedicate to your swimming pool and spa, your budget, and the overall look of your landscape.

The shape of your pool and spa will depend on your available space and budget, as well as the needs and desires of those using it. A small, simple shaped pool is great for relaxing and revitalizing, while a larger, rectangular design is ideal for exercise and lap swimming.

Most swimming pools are simple shapes, like circles, squares, and rectangles, but custom shapes and designs are also possible. L-shaped pools are popular styles because they provide space for recreation and wading, as well as room for swimming. A custom swimming pool design may feature an elaborate layout similar to the baths of ancient Rome or may have a contemporary shape that allows trees, water gardens, hot tubs, or other features to be integrated into the design.

The depth of the pool will also depend on those using the area and the features included. Small children and non-swimmers will appreciate a shallow area for wading and splashing, while those interested in diving require a depth of at least 9 feet. Serious swimmers typically need a pool at least 4 feet deep up to 16 feet to safely practice.

landscape design for swimming pools

The materials used for walkways, patios, and other floored areas within your landscape design for swimming pools should complement the rest of your outdoor space. Concrete is the most common material because of it’s slip resistance and durability. Slip proof bricks and pavers are generally more costly, but can add elegance to your swimming pool area.

Taking extra forethought and planning in choosing your pool is essential because of the many different aspects to take into consideration.

Features to Enhance Landscape Design for Swimming Pools

After planning the size, shape, and depth of your swimming pool,deciding on the primary functions of the swimming area, and considering ways to integrate this area of your yard into the rest of your landscape style, you can choose from a number of luxurious and relaxing accessories that will accent the personal style of your home.

landscape design for swimming pools

If your pool is surrounded by concrete, it is a good idea to use plants, shrubs, and colorful flowers to soften the stark white material. Pavers may be available in various hues, or concrete can be painted for a more appealing appearance. Avoid placing plants and trees that loose leaves, fruit, or nuts near the pool to reduce maintenance.

Another popular feature found in many of today’s swimming pools and spas are specially designed tiles for the edging as well as the pool walls and bottoms. Mosaic tiles are very popular and can be installed to create a pattern like the in this photo. This option adds color and beauty to your pool and spa.

Privacy is an important consideration as well. A fence can be a great safety addition as well as a privacy barrier. Choose a fence style that matches the design of your home, while complementing your landscape theme. Trees and shrubs can also be used to create a barrier around your pool. A deck, patio, or other type of sitting area can provide extended space for entertaining. Comfortable patio furniture that matches your overall look can provide a place to relax for those not swimming.

landscape design for swimming pools

Accessories for landscape design for swimming pools include:

• Water features, like waterfalls and water fountains, create an air of tranquility and romance to your pool.

• Rocks and boulders are a very natural way to work a natural element into your design.

• Steps and entries are a variety of that can accent your swimming pool, including natural beach entries and stylish Baja steps.

• Underwater lighting is another popular option for a swimming pool that can be enjoyed anytime of day.


Keeping Your Pool Clean and Beautiful

landscape design for swimming pools

With all of the amazing features and aesthetic additions a landscape design for swimming pools can boast, it can be simply breathtaking if done the correct way. However, keeping a pool clean is essential to the overall look and feel of the space.

Scooping out wind-blown leaves isn’t too difficult, but many pools not cared for properly end up with a coat of unattractive algae.

A properly prepared landscape design for swimming pools kept sparkling clean, will not only bring years of enjoyment to your friends and family, but will also magnify the beauty of your home and multiply its value.

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