Landscape Design and Water Features are Natural Companions

The tranquility and beauty of water adds an extra air of elegance when combining landscape design and water features to the outside of your home. The options available to integrate water features into your landscape design are virtually limitless.

landscape design and water features

Before your landscape design, it is a good idea to have a general knowledge of the many different water features that may be included in your outdoor area. Consider the features that personally suit your taste, then select water accessories that reflect the style of your home and garden.


Types of Water Features

Ponds are often the beginning of a landscape design and water features of this kind may be any size and shape, may feature seating around the edges, and can have either a formal style or a natural appearance.

Fountains are also popular water features and enhance your garden with the relaxing sights and sounds of moving water.

Freestanding fountains and wall fountains are both possible options and can be found in a variety of styles and designs.


landscape design and water features

Waterfalls are often integrated into the design of a natural pond, but can be planned into a swimming pool like this one here that one of our landscape architects designed for a famous movie director in Los Angeles

There are many other water accessories that can be included in your landscape design and water features for a pleasant and enjoyable outdoor living area.


• Birdbaths can be found in several colors and sizes, from a variety of materials, to attract wildlife to your garden.

• Streams are a terrific natural addition to your water design. Streams can be part of a pond and waterfall or can flow naturally without other features.

• Ordinary items, like large urns or pots, make unique water features. Many similar accessories can be found complete with a pump and everything needed to install.


Materials for Landscape Designs with Water Features

The best materials for your landscape design and water features will depend on the overall style and theme of your outdoor design. Fountains and other accessories are available in an array of materials, including elegant stainless steel, natural stone, and contemporary copper. Choose finishes that complement your design, as well as the style of your home.

landscape design and water features

Rocks and stones are parts of most modern landscape designs with water features. Rocks can be used to create edging around your pond, to build a stream, or to design a waterfall.

Vary the size, shape, and texture of the rocks for a unique and serene display that reflects a natural environment.


Tips for Integrating Water Features Into Your Landscape Design

Water features are an important part of a natural landscape design and can add a great deal of personality to your outdoor living area. Plan your water features carefully so they blend with your overall design and minimize the necessary maintenance and upkeep.

landscape design and water features

For best results, your water garden and water features should have a defined purpose as a focal point and should be visible from your primary seating and entertaining areas.

Eliminate any splashing your water features may create by altering the size of the water spout or by including a bubblier. Splashing not only wastes precious water, it can also be bothersome to guests.

Before installing your water features, consider the amount of water and how it will flow through your feature.

Landscape designs and water features are an ideal way to incorporate a modern outdoor design that reflects the simplicity of nature.

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