Waterfall Landscape Designs Create Waves of Relaxation

Waterfall landscape designs combine the natural calming effect of water with the simplicity of the outdoors and the elegance of modern architecture to create an ideal outdoor living area, no matter what style of home you own. Waterfalls are easily incorporated into virtually any design plan and typically include other water features as well, like garden ponds and fountains, for a more natural appearance.

waterfall landscape designs

Most waterfall landscape designs descend into a garden pond or swimming pool and can be vary large like the custom built falls pictured here.

But it is also possible to create waterfall landscape designs in your yard without a pond if space is limited or child safety is a concern. These water features are referred to as pond-less waterfalls.

Regardless, your waterfall should complement the overall landscape design and should be proportionate in size to other water features and garden accessories.

The first step in a successful waterfall design is careful planning. As you decide on the layout and position of your waterfall, consider these points:

• The size and shape of your pond will help determine the width of your waterfall.

• The amount of space available will decide the length.

• Grades or slopes within your landscape can be used to create a cascading waterfall.

• Waterfall landscape designs constructed on flat ground require dirt to build the waterfall.

Materials for Building a Waterfall

Once you have decided on the design and location of your waterfall, you will need the necessary supplies and materials to create it. There are basically two methods for building waterfalls: Custom built and liner built.

A custom built fall is more expensive but stronger and long lasting as it is made with a steel reinforced shell. They are recommended for swimming pools, spas and koi ponds.

A liner built fall is made with rubber and is less expensive. However they are subject to leaks and have a shorter life as the liner will eventually need to be replaced. Here is some standard equipment used to construct a liner pond and waterfall.

waterfall landscape designs

Here are some tips to consider:

If your waterfall landscape design feeds into a pond, you will need to dig the hole and install either a pond shell or a liner.

You will need a reliable pump and a simple filtration system to keep the water clean and flowing.

Gather a variety of stones, rocks, and boulders in all shapes, sizes, and textures to build the falls.

After you have placed all the stones into the design, they should be coated with black waterfall foam to direct the water flow smoothly.


Designing the Waterfall

The amount of water flowing over the rocks, the size and shape of the rocks themselves, how far the water drops before landing, and several other factors all play a significant role in positioning the stones for the waterfall. Waterfalls, whether faint and dainty or loud, mighty falls, are extremely relaxing.

waterfall landscape designs

Determine what type of sound you hope to achieve with your waterfall landscape design and consider these tips:

The more water there is flowing, the louder the waterfall sounds.

A waterfall landscape design that drops straight into a pond is much more dramatic than water hitting a rock as it falls. The sound of the water brushing across the rocks is even less obvious.

How far the waterfall drops also plays a major role in the sound it produces. The higher the falls, the louder the noise. Take care not to build the waterfall too tall and check local ordinances and neighborhood regulations.

For the best results, study natural waterfall landscape designs, as well as images of those made by others until you understand and can replicate the patterns and behaviors in your own waterfall design. Experiment with various stones until you decide on the best placement to achieve the waterfall landscape design you want.

Creating just the right look and sound with your waterfall landscape design can be quite involved, because of this many homeowners choose to hire a local landscape company who specialize in waterfall construction to acquire a professional finished look.

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