Kitchen Cabinet Layout Tips for Remodeling

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When you’re looking at indoor or outdoor kitchen remodeling one of the most crucial factors is the positioning or layout of your kitchen cabinets.

The spatial layout of your cabinets will affect how you use your kitchen for all of the time that you live in your home. Here are a few top tips to help you choose the best possible kitchen cabinet layout.

Triangular Shape

As a rule of thumb designers will seek to form a triangular shape for your work area with your [amazon_link id=”B0015M0U3Y” target=”_blank” ]refrigerator[/amazon_link], sink and cooking area at each of the three points. Each point should be a minimum of 4 feet apart and ideally no more than 9 feet apart, so you are aiming for a total edge length of about 26 feet which is convenient and workable. Placing your cabinets around this triangular shape is a good starting point when determining the placement of your cabinets and ultimately your kitchen design.

Other points to consider include:

  1. Number of sinks – When choosing your new kitchen cabinets, you also need to give consideration to how many sinks. Many people like to use a [amazon_link id=”B0032BWTSU” target=”_blank” ]main sink for dishes [/amazon_link]and a [amazon_link id=”B004DEZ928″ target=”_blank” ]second sink for food prep[/amazon_link]. This also works well if more than one of you is cooking in the kitchen.
  2. Counter space – Insufficient counter space is often a problem in kitchens and this can be overcome by introducing an island into your design or attaching a peninsula to a cabinet free wall which can double up as a breakfast bar and food prep area.
  3. Room to move – when planning the layout of your new kitchen be sure to allow enough room to move freely. This is important if there is more than one of you in the space at any given time.
  4. Measure carefully – One of the biggest frustrations when installing any kitchen cabinet is when it doesn’t fit properly because of miscalculated measurements. So measure once, and then measure again.
  5. Don’t make hasty decisions – All too often people make a snap decision which is swayed by a sale offering cheap cabinets or simply out of desire to get on with the job. Take your time, do your research, and ask advice, to get the best quality kitchen cabinets for your needs and your budget.

[pullquote]Think carefully about your storage requirements before choosing your cabinets.[/pullquote]Think carefully about your storage requirements before choosing your cabinets. Pantry cabinets which run from floor to ceiling are excellent space saving options which also give you plenty of storage. Corner cabinets too, can give extra storage as can the use of in cabinet accessories such as carousels, plate racks and drawer inserts.

3D design service

If you simply can’t get your head around kitchen cabinet layout then why not make good use of the free 3D design service offered by so many kitchen companies. Their experts will use their knowledge and expertise to make the best possible use of your kitchen space.

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