New York Landscape Design Goes Green

by Allen Quay

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The New York landscape design of today focuses more on the growing concern to stay environmentally conscious, current, and capture as many moments of relaxation as possible. Green landscaping and eco-chic gardens are spreading throughout New York, especially in New York City.

With a growing interest to lead a healthy lifestyle, New York is seeing an increase in vegetable gardening and fruit trees. However, you won’t find what many call a ‘typical garden setting’ like those found in neighboring Connecticut, New Jersey and Brooklyn suburbs.

Brooklyn is well know for it’s beautiful brownstone buildings. Increasingly, new hip modern designs are becoming more and more popular. The clean, simplistic lines of modern landscape design is becoming a must.

Modern landscaping requires very minimal maintenance which is a huge draw for modern families in Brooklyn. Outdoor lighting and the presence of water inside of gardens add intriguing elements to the once-commonplace rectangular patch of produce.

New York landscape design

Gardens in New York are displaying more of a modern design and in some of the more elaborate designs – tiered combinations of stone, creativity, and greenery.

The bulk of popular New York landscape design trends aim to harness a balance in nature, while staying with a modern trendy design at the same time.

A few ideas include:

  • Pond-less waterfalls
  • Eco-friendly planters
  • Container gardening
  • Tabletop fountains
  • Wood Decking




Video with container gardening and water saving tips for rooftops, balconies and small patios…

Luxury Living with New York Landscape Design

Upscale homeowners in Scarsdale, White Plains, Manhattan Island and South Hampton are spending less time inside and more time embracing the concept of modern outdoor living. The purchase of contemporary outdoor furniture, grills and accessories, have increased, as homeowners wish to concentrate on decorating the exterior of their home.

Privacy is also of importance, as a metal pergola can effectively shield an outdoor space. An example of this is found at a year-round garden on the Upper East Side, where built-in limestone benches and a gas fireplace creates a usable setting for any season.

Other upscale features include:

  • Sun beds with waterproof mattresses that present a slightly futuristic look.
  • Eye-catching, elaborate designs of Amish Country gazebos.
  • The clean look of Zen gardens and fountains.


New York landscape design

We’re also seeing more gardeners varying textures (foliage, flowers, and succulents) to increase interest in potted décor.

Big plants, large containers, and striking color without falling victim to overkill are now taking over the setting of many New York landscape design projects in New York. Stylish modern color trends to pair with earthy neutrals include teal and lime; red and blue; orange and chartreuse yellow; and gold.

Today, outdoor landscaping projects are considered the 2nd most popular home improvement adventure to consider for your personal space.

The demand for upscale landscaping has skyrocketed with New York landscape design, as more people wish to explore their outdoor surroundings.

Decorative decks, swimming pools, gazebos, outdoor eating spaces, and patios are on the rise. About 1 million households have already outfitted their backyard with upscale outdoor kitchens– creating the perfect outlet for entertaining family and friends. Luxury apartment complexes and condominiums are commonplace in the hustle and bustle of New York City, but that doesn’t mean residents must forego the beauty of a garden.

Rooftop terrace gardens range from the use of edible dwarf fruit trees, crops, and herbs to wildflowers spread across a sloped roof. Some terraces in Manhattan have been converted into outdoor garden lounges. Even Rockefeller Center possesses its own rooftop garden.

New York landscape design

Communities have also embraced the idea of transforming courtyards, alleyways, and empty lots into lush public gardens. A common technique is to infuse spaces with bold effects and follow the current trend of corresponding color combinations (60% main color; 30% second complementary color; 10% accent color).




Exploring the Climate of New York

New York landscape design

Humid continental conditions offer a broad representation of the New York State climate. However, the geographical positioning of the state greatly affects the weather, as air masses and the maritime influences of large bodies of water can easily shift temperatures in the region.

The average yearly mean temperature of New York ranges from 40 degrees in the Adirondacks to 55 degrees in New York City.

The summertime climate is rather cool in the Adirondacks, Catskills, and regions with higher elevations. New York City and lower portions of the Hudson Valley enjoy warm summers by comparison, with occasional bursts of humidity.

The rest of New York State receives pleasantly warm summers with brief encounters of extreme heat. Most of the state sees summer daytime temperatures between the upper 70s and mid-80s.

During the winter season, the climate brings abundant snowfall with heavy snow belts found near Lake Erie and Ontario (as well as in the plateau regions of eastern and northern New York). All in all, the overall climate conditions in the state are quite favorable for New York landscape design that includes the growing of grapes, vegetables, apples and other fruit trees.

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