Nutsedge Control With Sedgehammer

by Luis Simauchi

in Gardening

Closeup photo of nutsedge weed

Many gardeners know the hassle that weeds can create in their garden. The same can be said about weeds in your lawn.  It is every homeowner’s dream to have a clean cut green lawn that goes on to become the envy of the neighborhood; but what do you do when you have weeds threatening to blemish you’re pristine lawn?

When discussing weeds, Nutsedge is very often the topic of discussion. It is a common weed sub-type and what truly sets Nutsedge apart is its persistence!

Nutsedge cannot be pulled like other weeds in your garden; even if a small piece of its root remains it can grow from the minute remains and begins its little vicious cycle of growth further into your lawn.  Even if you dig up 3 inches of soil to remove there’s no guarantee that you will remove it completely, and by the time you have completed your drudge, you will have marred your own lawn!

Cartoon of muscle man using sledgehammer


Sedgehammer can remove Nutsedge from your lawn as well as many other broad-leaf weeds while leaving your turf grass alone.  When Sedgehammer dries it is safe to walk on your lawn again, with your family and pets.

After you have used sedgehammer, you should invest in preventative care by seeding the thinned areas of your lawn to prevent future nutsedges from germinating and growing. It turns out that Nutsedge has a hard time occupying spaces already taken by robust grass, so keep that grass nice and healthy. Many other herbicides can harm your lawn but sedgehammer is king! It specializes in removing nutsedge down to the root while leaving your lawn and grass alone.

[pullquote]When Sedgehammer dries it is safe to walk on your lawn again, with your family and pets.[/pullquote]To get the most out of your sedgehammer it is recommended that you apply it once a month to an affected area for 2 to 3 months; this is done because the nutsedge can produce nutlets if they live for more than 5 to 6 weeks, repeating the process. That is why two applications in a 2 to 3 month period is recommended to have the most effectiveness in removing nutsedge.

Sedgehammer is easy to use and simple to apply, nearly anyone can do it and it only takes about 15 minutes of your time to save possibly hundreds of dollars in costly lawn repair and heartache. One last option you have available to you is the use many other professional grade products, like glyphosate herbicide, to common weeds.

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