Orange County Landscape Design Creating Elegant Outdoor Lifestyles

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Orange County landscape design showcases the most exquisite and luxurious homes in the state of California and beyond. Lavished with highly detailed structural architecture and high profile, quality intensive designs, it is only appropriate for you to discover the secrets behind the landscaping done to act as a backdrop to the beauty that these homes provide. This is the easy part!

Orange County, located in Southern California, has set the standard when it comes to natural outdoor living and entertainment. Nestled in the deep subtropics of this enriching, and culturally defined state, Orange County landscape design places a high emphasis on elegance and a philosophy of high standards.

Precision and design are of the highest importance when it comes to the affluent communities in this county. An outdoor space that accommodates the carefree, yet luxurious, lifestyle of Orange County is equally important.

Orange County landscape design

All outdoor elements are essential to the OC environment. Swimming pools, intriguing fountains, fireplaces, sophisticated outdoor kitchens.

These features all come together to create the perfect blend of fun and elegance. Orange County landscape design is an open style that reflects freedom and individuality.



The Communities of Orange County

Orange County landscape design
 If you are familiar with this community, you will quickly recall the elegance and beauty associated with the luxurious landscapes in this area. If you want a beautiful design created for your Orange County outdoor space, contact one of our California Pros who have worked in the various communities associated with this area.


They have carefully landscaped outdoor spaces for the residents in the communities of central Orange County like Irvine Ranch which includes Shady Canyon, Crystal Cove and Pelican Hill in Newport Coast, Turtle Ridge, Quails Hill, Woodbury and Portola Springs.


Orange County landscape design

Glen Brouwer and Larry Sheehan from Integration Design Studio are responsible for the Orange County landscape design seen at the creative parks and streetscapes throughout the Strand at Headlands.

‘We enjoy developing original landscapes that enhance the lifestyles of those who use the space,’ says Glen. The combination of exquisite hardscapes and vibrant plant life create an inspirational setting for one of Orange County’s most desirable communities.


Good Design Just Makes Sense


Orange County landscape design

Californians really know how to make the most of their living space. Artistic combinations that include magnificent homes and outstanding landscaping are two means of making the most of your environment.

Orange County landscaping design may just seem like an added luxury to living in this subtropical paradise, but it offers much more for you as a homeowner. Besides, why settle for the ‘standard’ in landscaping design and construction, when you can have the ‘best’?

‘The outdoor space should be just as beautiful, just as inviting, as the inside of the home,’ says Alex Lugo, owner of Elegant Pools and Scapes. ‘An Orange County landscape design must be luxurious, but at the same time creative and fun – most of all, the space must be livable, just like the inside.’

Orange County landscape design

You can actually increase the overall value and quality of your home by providing delightful, ornamental details that will allow your home to stand out above the rest.

In addition you’ll acquire the respect and friendship of those that reside in the same community as you do.


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