Outdoor Christmas Decorations Do’s & Don’ts

by Allen Quay

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Decorating the outside of your home for the holidays can be just as fun as decorating the inside. Hard to imagine? Taking down all the outdoor Christmas decorations and stringing up the lights doesn’t have to be an annoying tasks.

Here’s a list of do’s and don’ts for decorating your yard this holiday season.

Use a Color Scheme

Just like for the inside of your home, stick with a color scheme and overall theme for the outside. This prevents your home from looking cluttered, tacky and a jumbled, mismatch of holiday décor. You don’t want to look like Christmas threw up on your yard, so stick to a scheme. Pay attention to the theme you use on the inside of your home. Don’t you want the front of your home to look the same? Stick to about three colors, any more than three looks random.

Don’t Forget About the Backyard

Don’t neglect the backyard! Spruce up the area with lights, porch flowers and poinsettias. If you have a pool, try decorating it with some waterproof, multi-colored lighting. It will make the pool look like its own holiday heaven. When it’s not in use for decorations, have a pool cover on top to keep it as warm as possible. You can find a variety of pool covers at In The Swim and other pool-supply businesses with quality equipment.

Extra-Large Ornaments

Have you seen those larger-than-life ornaments for the tree? Instead of tediously placing them on your tree, this year, try using them as decoration for outside. Don’t place a dozen of them all around your yard, that will be too tacky. Just stick to a few and try placing them inside a large garden planter or planting pots.

Classic Porch and Entry Decorations

front entry with traditional Christmas decorations like an old wooden bob sled and homemade wreathSpruce up that porch or front entry with traditional outdoor Christmas decorations. An old sled paired with sprigs, pine cones and ribbons makes for the perfect porch accessory.

Try hanging grapevine circles wrapped with lights — which look like whimsical orbs of lights. Try using luminary vases filled with leaves and winter berries to line the stairs of your porch.

And of course, the most traditional decorating tip is to use garland around your porch or pedestals.

Less is More?

Unless you want your home to be a holiday pit-stop for drivers searching for the most over-the-top homes, keep your decorations simple. You don’t want to alert NASA, because all of your holiday lights and outdoor Christmas decorations will be seen from space. Sticking to a traditional scheme is the best way to go.


Don’t mix LED and conventional lighting — ever — especially on the same area of the home. The difference between the two lights will be an eyesore and very jarring. If you’re decorating with LED lights, you won’t need as many lights. Because LED lights are brighter, you get the same look with less lights. If you have a modern home, don’t try hanging icicle lights. It looks tacky and too cluttered. Stick with traditional bulbs, either colored or white.

This might be a no-brainer, but don’t leave your lights on all night. Not only will it wreak havoc on your bank account, but also anger your neighbors. I’m sure they appreciate the festive touch, but keeping them on all night is just unacceptable. If you would prefer, set the lights on a timer so they will automatically turn on an off everyday.

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