Outdoor LED Lighting for Water Features – Part 1

by Eric Blum

in Landscape Lighting

energy efficient LED lights on a rock waterfall with blue, green, red and yellow colors

Note: This is the first of a three part series dealing with the emerging applications of outdoor LED lighting in the water feature and landscaping fields.

As my earlier water feature article begin to accumulate on this informative landscape oriented site, a common thread regarding the sheer enjoyment of your water feature, after the sun goes down, will begin to emerge. 

The personal sensations and mood differences experienced from a water feature in the evening can literally be like “day and night”.  The rapid emergence of innovative, reliable, super bright and energy efficient outdoor LED lighting is so applicable to waterfalls, fountains and all general aqua-scapes that the end results can be awesome and staggering to you, your family and your guests.  Your on-site water features can now literally become 24/7 adventures!


To give you an idea of the awesome effects at night, check out this video…


LED ( which stands for Light Emitting Diode) lighting is one of many emergent results of our modern day technologies. It has far too many practical applications in virtually all forms of life to herein enumerate. Outdoor LED lighting applications have now become so widely accepted not only for their dazzling brilliance and flexibility, but for their relative low cost and extended durability as well.

shrub lit up with purple colored outdoor LED lightsWith its extreme functionality and versatility, this highly practical and functional medium of light can be used to “paint” various palettes of brilliant, stunning color on various waterscapes.

They can also be applied to certain unique landscaping endeavors as well (which I shall address more thoroughly in a future article on this site).

As my bio  states below, my “roots” in this form of technological LED application stem from my love of constructing large, natural boulder waterfalls.  When I began experimenting on my waterfall designs many years ago with incandescent lights (the LED lighting predecessor), they just were so ordinary, restrictive, dull and boring.  Imagine my utter delight when LEDs became viable on the commercial marketplace.

Just as we became known as “sculptors” using large natural boulders for our dynamic waterfall features, so similarly we have now also become known as “painters” of  adorning colorful rainbows of light which serve as nocturnal embellishments for added, extended daily enjoyment for all.

Please be sure to see my upcoming “Part 2” of this article for additional details regarding LED water feature lighting!

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