Outdoor LED Lighting for Water Features – Part 2

by Eric Blum

in Landscape Lighting

rectangular LED light fixture

You too can utilize the magic of outdoor LED lighting in your aqua-scape project, be it large or small.  The LED lighting industry has become so well entrenched in our society that numerous LED lighting fixtures abound.  The choices are now so great that one should do some degree of study in order to select the correct fixture(s) for a specific project application. 

It can be a daunting challenge to ultimately select the correct fixtures(s) and I recommend seeking professional advice for such.  For example, after much experimentation, we found that our massive boulder waterfall creations most lend themselves to a very ideal, narrow, selective sector of the outdoor LED lighting industry, which is known as “wall wash lighting”.

Here’s the Wikipedia definition:

Wall-washing is a popular name for an LED (“rgb”…red, green, blue) lighting design technique for illumination of large surfaces.  It is mainly used with contemporary architecture; in public cultural buildings, museums and galleries and in landscape lighting.

In order to create these very special type of landscape lighting effects, our ideal source product of choice is known as an “LED Wall Washer/Floodlight”

blue outdoor LED lighting up a large rock waterfallThe above described forms of LED “show” illumination are, in most cases, controlled by a sophisticated lighting protocol standard, known as DMX (stands for Digital Multi-Plex) which became popular in the mid-1990’s with the advent and eventual acceptance of the highly versatile LED lighting components.  These lights on today’s market need to be programmed by separate DMX lighting controllers which I must add, require a decent “learning curve” degree of study in order to “program” them.

But, not to worry, when the lighting fixture manufacturers became concerned that their sales would be limited only to professional, highly skilled lighting designers, they began integrating pre-programmed, on-board, internal semi-conductor chip lighting scenes into their circuit boards.  In this manner, a certain amount of  basic “plug and-play” programs would be readily available to both inexperienced end users for immediate usage as well as retaining the custom DMX programming capabilities for those so inclined to avail themselves to selective Windows based, computer programmed, custom DMX lighting software.

I invite you to read part 1 if you haven’t already and do not miss my upcoming part 3 of this series for additional details and interesting facts regarding outdoor LED lighting for water features!


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