Outdoor LED Lighting for Water Features – Part 3

by Eric Blum

in Landscape Lighting

natural rock waterfall lit up at night with LED lights

Outdoor LED lighting field has now become so advanced that the inevitable “add-on” upscale gimmicks and accessories have begun to emerge.

Today,  we are now capable of incorporating smartphone triggering commands through many forms of wireless DMX technology.

For instance, if you are entertaining outdoor guests and you do not wish to get up from your conversation patio set to go to your master control area to change lighting programs, or, for that matter, even wish to increase or diminish the flow of water cascading down your waterfall, you can now do so from your remote outside location by using  your smartphone with local wi-fi availability (a simple, inexpensive home network router will suffice for this purpose).

Additionally, if tediously laying  unsightly, or burying  DMX signal cables around your outdoor property is undesirable, then specially designed outdoor DMX wireless receiver/transmitter systems are a viable alternative. These are obviously “bells and whistles” options and I encourage you to contact me through this website for more information on this subject and any other questions or observations you might have regarding any of these articles’ content.

outdoor wireless DMX transceiver with two with leads from Fireworks in Light, Inc.I enjoyed writing part 1, part 2 and this final part 3 of my three part series of LED water feature lighting articles. In closing, I wish to leave you with the idea of still another new pertinent LED related wonder you might keep in mind for future reference.   A  new, “killer” feature that we are beginning to experience, within the multiple capability realm of outdoor LED lighting components, has emerged which truly fascinates and captivates me: that being “music visualization”, or “sound (audio) to light” automatic lighting programming.

As these title descriptions imply, most forms of MUSICAL BEAT input (mp-3, CD, DVD, FM radio, etc.) can be connected so as to intensely “drive” (prompt) the multicolored LED light fixtures in such a manner heretofore never seen in this form of “show spectacle” lighting.

Since I have recently been extensively testing these few available applications, in my opinion, no human DMX/LED lighting show designer anywhere can equal, or match, or even come close to the spectacular lighting effects output from one of these “music to light”  hardware and software aided programs.

The very broad outdoor LED lighting field is obviously very immense.  In the future, I will be posting more articles regarding specific tips and ideas as to how to best possibly embellish your own particular type of water feature. Until then I would welcome any comments you may have on this subject!

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